Life is Good

“Create the sequence of goodness, consequences will be always good.”

What did you create today that was good?

What did you do that made you feel good?

I created dinner with Jeff and Christian tonight and that was good and delicious.

My sister called and we chatted for thirty minutes. While we were chatting I jumped on the elliptical and ran 3 miles. That felt good!

I shared texts with friends that made me smile.

And I created space to do nothing today and enjoyed how the day filled up. Today was good.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and took some time to relax and let go. Have a good week!

Day 42: Summer

I am happy that we got to celebrate Charlie’s birthday today with family, doing what he loves and feeling his joy of being an almost teenager.

We enjoyed donuts for breakfast, bowled in the afternoon, made pizzas for dinner and ate red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert.

Life is sweet! Today was good. Sending blessings of peace to you and your family, and especially to those in Munich today.

Happy Birthday, Charlie. You are loved! xo

Santa Cruz Sunshine

Today was the second day of spring break and Christian and I explored UC Santa Cruz and the surrounding community together. I loved having time alone with him, discovering something new and something old. 

It’s a beautiful campus, nestled in nature and rolling hills, with gorgeous views of the ocean.

After our tour, we had lunch at one of our old favorite places, Charlie Hong Kong.  We had to head back over the hill, but I couldn’t be this close to the ocean without sticking my feet in the water. Luckily my kid is a good sport and appreciates my love for the beach. It was an absolutely perfect day to be there.

I love the beach and its majesty. This is my happiest place on earth. I wish I could live right here next to the waves crashing. Maybe one day…but today, I just enjoyed these few perfect moments for a few minutes.

How was your day?

Life is good.

Outside Joys

I love that it stays lighter outside later now.

Tonight I grilled chicken on the BBQ out  back and loved that Charlie was admiring my cooking and grilling abilities. My kids love that I cook for them. It’s one of my little gifts to share with them that they really appreciate.

While I was waiting for the chicken to cook, I admired all the new growth in my yard. I love how the lillies just pop up every season without any work on my part.

  I admired this Oak tree that Jeff planted from an acorn he found at Chinese school 8 years ago. He used to collect acorns with Charlie and was curious whether he could grow an Oak tree from a seed. He’s been successful and I enjoyed this memory.

Finally, Juliana is cat sitting this week and instead of driving to or neighbor’s house a few blocks away, we walked and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery together.

  Life is good. Go outside and play.

🙂 xo Adriana 

Pure Joy

Charlie and I were excited all day for this. We were anticipating finishing our day and packing up our duffle bags for an overnight stay with our BFFs. We stopped at 7-11 to buy snacks and popping cap guns.

I’m only sharing this picture that Charlie took on our ride down south because I want to hold on to the other memories in my mind.

I loved that from the moment we stepped out of the car, Charlie was already running away with his BFF.  We did see them now and then and got to share in some of their joy. Like when they decided to be polar bears and dared each other to jump into the freezing, cold pool. Boys will be boys and we laughed and enjoyed their antics.

Listening to friends and watching them interact is the best gift. They adore each other and got into a state of flow in 2 seconds, just like their mamas. We picked up where we left off, happy to be together again.

Pure joy, just being together.

These are the days…life is good.

Have a good weekend, BeLoveRs.

Simple Date with my Daughter

Our schedules are busy. Our lives are full. We long to create space and to spend meaningful time together. 

Today we decided to walk 2.2 miles together to pick up my car from the dealer. We enjoyed the journey and the quiet time together, feeling the wind on our faces, watching the gray clouds roll in and noticing things we don’t normally see from the car.

 After we got the car, we continued our date with French fries and chicken strips from Chick- Fil-a, and just sat together, watching the rain fall down talking about life.

I’m thankful she still wants to be with me and that we made time for each other. Thanks my sweetheart, teenager!  I love you and our crazy journey together!!

Practical Jokes

I love practical jokes and watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. I love good-natured pranks.

Today I took Charlie out on a date, just the two of us. He wanted to get his hair cut and wanted a bubble tea and a roti bun. I offered him a milk shake or whatever treat he wanted, and he chose Honey Berry.  I smiled at his Silicon Valley choice.  How many Caucasian kids pick Taiwanese tea-based pearl drinks as their preferred treat? Gotta love it.

We drove over to Honey Berry and ordered his after school snacks and sat down to chat for a little while before heading out for his hair cut, because who wants hair falling in your Roti?  As we were sitting there, I looked out the window and there was a group of about 5 young teens hanging outside. Instead of hanging on the sidewalk, they decided to lean up against my car. This made me uncomfortable and I wanted them to move, but I didn’t want any conflict and I wanted to just enjoy my date.

I sat in this uncomfortable state for a minute, hoping they would leave on their own, but they didn’t. Charlie and I were talking about what to do. I had a plan. I told him to watch as I got out my key and pressed the lock button twice. I was hoping that the clicking sound, the flashing lights and the slight beeping sound would get their attention. It didn’t work. So I decided to see what the Panic button would do. Don’t you always wonder what the red panic button is for?


I shared a sip of his tea and surreptitiously and slowly pressed the panic button and watched them jump. I then proceeded to laugh out loud, hiding behind a bite of his roti bun, acting like nothing happened.  Charlie wondered why I was laughing so hard. They didn’t know it was our car. I loved watching two of the kids jump and the other kids laughing at the jumpers. They all decided to move on their own.  Wasn’t that great?

Conflict avoided. Laughter filled my belly. Stay off other peoples’ cars. Duh.

Life is good.