Palo Alto Stroll

Juliana and I enjoyed getting out of the house for a little bit today. We walked down University Avenue in Palo Alto as we had a return to make. It was a gorgeous day and we were happy to be outside and to shop together.  

The way I got dressed up was to put on a little mascara, along with my yoga pants and T-shirt. Super casual is how I role, oh and no shower and I forgot earrings! This is my imperfect normal. Last minute planning and I loved it.  I’ve learned that I don’t really care what I’m doing, as long as I’m sharing time with loved ones. 

Today was good, just being together with Juliana and enjoying our time together. 

Life is good. How was your day?

Walking Date

Jeff and I decided to walk to our downtown farmer’s market this morning.  

Surprisingly, all three kids decided to join us. Walking together reminded me of the times we walked together through Amsterdam and I was thankful they were all with me. It felt weird walking a mile and a half through residential streets when most people are not out walking. We don’t live in a walking kind of town, but it felt good to be an outlier.

I loved walking and people watching and tasting fresh fruits and cheeses.  We liked seeing all the vendors, fruits and veggies displays, and listening to the music performers. 

I loved the lighting on the veggies.

Each of us chose something for brunch and we found a table where we could sit together and share a family potluck meal, even sharing utensils.  It felt like we were camping. The crazy thing was that both Jeff and I felt the same way and we both said the exact same expression simultaneously. This was so eerily weird and cool at the same time.

While walking back home, we stopped in to see our friends and shared a cup of coffee.  I love that this was even a possibility.

 These are the best days, simple and sweet.

Life is good, outdoors.

Day 3 of Break

hello BeLoveRs 

I just love that word –  how simple would the world be if we were happy just BEing? We could just BE Love in all its forms. We could BE Lovers of life, of ourselves and of others and of whatever we love. There’s the simple secret all wrapped into this pretty little made up word. I don’t think it’s a real word, is it?  But now it is to me and you.

Today I was happy just sitting outside doing nothing. I ate a late lunch out on the sunny back patio, all by myself. I talked to my sister about her nursing applications and was so happy that she was happy and on her way. I am proud of her. 


Soon Charlie came outside to be with me. We moved to the couch and just sat together for probably an hour with nothing to do and just enjoyed being. We laughed and sang made up songs and texted Juliana, exchanging pictures between what we were doing in the USA and what she was doing in Japan. 


He worked on putting baseball stickers all over his new toothbrush and he told me I’m the best mama and that he loves me. What more do I need?


I’ve learned that when you slow down and create space, really good things can happen. 

Finally on Day 3, I am happy that we are home for spring break. I enjoyed shopping with Charlie this morning and bringing Christian to his appointments and meeting Jeff for dinner in Mountain View and family FaceTiming with Juliana.  


These are the days that make up the simple life. These are the days that represent just being and going with the flow and create peace. These are our days.  Here I am.

nAMaste. Enjoy your days.

The Simple Things

I went for a spontaneous walk today with one of my BFFs and these are a few things that made me smile, in addition to the three+ miles we walked and chatted the entire way.



I also accomplished a goal today by finishing a book that I began so long ago. It is hard for me to sit still and to read and today I sat for two hours this morning and finished it. This made me incredibly happy and proud and I’m ready to start the next one.

How was your day? What did you do or not do that made you smile?

We had friends join us for another raclette dinner and enjoyed the art of cooking and chatting and sharing. It’s late and I’m tired so it’s off to sleep I go. Sweet dreams!