It’s Halloween!

I’m all about living in the moment, but I have to tell you, I’m glad this moment is over. This was one long moment. It started again at 5:45 am with a morning visitor, so excited that it was Halloween TODAY! And we had to know about it before the crack of dawn, just in case we forgot. I mean, we’ve been preparing for this moment since mid September, but were able to put off the minions and Scream character until October 1st – a more meaningful time to begin the anticipation and countdown until the BIG day, today!

Charlie was outside this morning setting up his graveyard in the grass to make our house more spooky. He had his costume packed to take with him to school for the afternoon costume parade and was filled with excitement all day.

I enjoyed the parade, seeing all the children dressed up with their teachers and parents and family witnessing the annual event in the hot autumn sunshine.

The little ones were my favorite. They still had cute and innocent costumes whereas the big kids were dressed in more spooky attire.

I spent the day getting ready for our annual Halloween dinner party. When the kids were little, we began hosting a dinner for all the neighbors so that not everyone had to cook and clean on Halloween night and we could celebrate together in out little community.

It was a fun way to start the celebration.


We’d gather at our house and then the kids would go out with their friends to collect treats with an adult or two.


I typically stay back and hand out candy and visit with whichever friends feel like staying. Tonight was no different. But this year, Jeff took the Beerfiets (also known as our Dutch Bike) to hand out adult treats along the way.


I think everyone had a great Halloween! I know I did… and now this mama is ready to rest. Just for a moment.

Happy Halloween!!



Halloween Homework

Charlie loves Halloween. So much so that he came in our room at 5:45 am this morning to tell us how excited he was that tomorrow is Halloween. I think we could have waited for that news, and probably could have told him that ourselves at a more decent hour!!

He has been planning all the details and knows what time I should pick him up from school tomorrow so he can fix up his graveyard out in our front yard. He had it all set up already on Sunday, but since the sprinklers would have disintegrated the cardboard construction, we convinced him to take them down until tomorrow. He’s been dreaming of it and telling us all about it for days. I think I’m excited for Halloween now too.

I have to appreciate his excitement, tenacity and focus. And so when the costume box came down from the attic tonight during math homework time, we allowed some flexibility and channelled Ben Franklin hoping for some inspiration and fun memories!!

Life is good and only one more sleep until Halloween and all the candy!! I can’t wait!!

Bag Lady


I carry around this bag from room to room and to my car and back again and I don’t know why. I love bags ands baskets and collections of my stuff. And I particularly like this bag of stuff. It’s my reading bag. In it is the book I want to finish, the latest magazines that have arrived in the mail, my iPad, and my to do lists and current events manila folder filled with all the current mail to be processed, little papers, invitations, receipts and school events that I must keep just in case I need them this month.

I took this bag with me to Charlie’s soccer practice today with the intent that I would work through it while he practiced. But I have another addiction. It’s called my iPhone. Yes, I am addicted to it. I talked with my sister, checked Facebook, sent a couple texts, kept up to the minute with my email, and played rounds of Candy Crush until I didn’t have any lives left. That is pathetic, but true. My poor, lonely bag, that needed attention, just sat there quietly without lighting up or dinging to gather my attention. And the minutes passed by and turned into an hour with Charlie returning to the car after his practice. I really need to get better at enjoying what’s in my bag and “drop” the iPhone addiction…but wait, I think I just earned another Candy crush life. It’s time to play again!


The Grass Just Is



The grass just is.



It isn’t greener on the other side. Right, Julie?












It’s just different shades of green or brown and alive and dead and wet and dry. Seasons change. Grass gets cut. Grows back. Has weeds and dead spots. Ages. Renews. Comes back again. It’s just grass. 


It just is.





Tonight I wish you peace, love, and fuzzy, cozy pajamas!!  Don’t you wish you had some just like these??  It was very cold here today and I think winter is in the air.  It’s been a long day of parenting, teaching and patience. I’m exhausted…just keeping it real. How was your weekend?

I hope you all have a good night and a wonderful new week.  We’re excited for Halloween on Thursday and have lots to do to get ready!!  xo


Happy Hollandween!!


I love Halloween and it’s fun to be back in the States for this holiday this year.

The kids spent the afternoon making decorations to display in our front yard that involved spray paint, cardboard, cheesecloth, and creativity.

Charlie went with a friend to go trunk or treating at the Presbyterian church. Trunk or treating is where families bring their cars to the parking lot for an hour with their trunks decorated and they hand out candy to the kids when they come by. I’m sure he had a great time.

And Jeff and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Dutchies – I went as a milk meisje including the wooden shoes and Jeff dressed as a Queen’s day fan!

Can you tell we miss Holland? Barbara, I was thinking of you when I got dressed as you wore a similar hat on International Day at school that I loved.

Happy week of Halloween! What will you be for Halloween?

Halloween Happening


Halloween is next week and tonight we began celebrating at our elementary school with our annual Halloween Happening event. Juliana dressed up as a minion with her girlfriends from Despicable Me 2 and they volunteered by face painting. Charlie changed in and out of his Halloween Scream costume. This is the first year I caved and let him be something that scares me.

Here are some pictures from our Halloween event, playing games, volunteering, friends and bake sale items.



20131025-222625.jpgBest costume of the night.





Happy Halloween!