Sadie Hawkins

Tonight was the Sadie Hawkins dance and Juliana asked a friend to go with her.

It was fun to watch her get up the courage to ask someone and then watch her be excited and nervous up until the date. She made a poster inviting her date to go with her and was so happy when he said yes.

I helped her pick out an outfit and did her makeup and gave her some hair styling tips. My baby girl is growing up!!

We went shopping together for appetizers for her friends before the dance, and cleaned the house together.

While we gone, Charlie decided to decorate the house with streamers, signs and paper lanterns. He is very cute with this sappy stuff and I love it.

The kids were dressed in Surf attire to match the casual theme. They hung out for awhile before I dropped them off, fashionably late.

I hope they are having a good time!

Good night.

#TBT: Throw Back Thursday

I took Christian to get his hair cut today and as he was sitting in the chair, I was remembering back to the days when he didn’t really like to get his hair cut and how he looked forward to the lollipop afterwards. He doesn’t mind anymore and skips the treats.

I love seeing old pictures and remembering things I have forgotten and seeing the good ol days. I also love seeing other peoples’ old memories posted on Facebook and tagged as #TBT.

I quickly glanced through some of my old pics that were available digitally from my phone and found this picture, that is 12 years old! 

It caught my eye and had me feeling all the feels. I remembered how much Christian was into Bob the Builder. Juliana used to only go to sleep with her little soft blanket. I loved the colorful, small blanket that my Grandma crocheted with what looks like remnants of left over yarn. The long, colorful snake used to bring hours of laughter as Christian and Craig ran around together through the house with it, making up silly sayings. Juliana and Christian used to share a room and this was their House shaped loft bed, which they loved.

One picture, so many memories. When you’re in the moment, you don’t really see it the same way as 12 years later.  This #TBT thing is fun.

What picture brings you back in time, reflecting on good times?

Live it up now and take pictures so you can smile again on Thursdays.

Life is good. 

Where Are You Going?

Do you know, where you’re going and how long it will take to get there?

Mikey’s blog on Momentum made me wonder.  You can read his post on momentum and happiness here:  Momentum is Your Secret Key to Happiness

I’ve never thought about happiness in these terms, but he has an equation that I liked:

“The directional Momentum in your Life = Your Thoughts (Mass)  x  (Velocity) the number of times you think them.”

How are you moving? What are you thinking about and how often are you thinking your thoughts?

I know where I’m going and you’re obviously on this ride with me, as we’re sharing this happiness journey together every day.  It’s a daily practice and I think we have some Momentum.

Just another thought to add to your collection. You’re welcome. And thank you, Mikey for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours.





Threading Together Some Monday Fun


Do you like them?

I sometimes do. It’s like a fresh start to the week and to start over again.

Today was slow to go though. I had a great weekend and woke up feeling blue, knowing that my sister and my niece were heading home.  It made me sad to watch her car drive away, wishing that we lived closer to each other.  I wanted to jump in the front seat, right next to her and go with her wherever she went. That didn’t happen. Instead, I wiped the tears away and went inside to clean.  That’s what I do when I’m sad or mad. It feels like it gives me a little control over my situation when my emotions are out of whack.

I also had anxiety because our kitten had to have surgery today and I was worried about her all day. We learned she’s basically a freak of nature, and that when she was spayed, they didn’t quite get everything out which is very rare. She’s been acting like she’s in heat, which is no fun either.  They had to go and do exploratory surgery to find the extra ovarian tissue. Poor baby, girl.  Now she has to wear a cone for 2 weeks before she goes back to have her stitches removed. I feel so sad for her and we have to give her medicine twice a day for two weeks.  *big sigh*

The good news was that Jeff came home early to drive with me to pick her up and we had a mini-weird date enjoying the 45 minute car ride in traffic. We brought Zuma home and Juliana watched her and got her set up safely and comfortably away from our other cat.

When everyone and every cat was taken care of, Jeff and I snuck away for a quick Monday night Happy Hour, which made everything all right and settled my mind.  We took a moment just for us and this made me happy.

Mondays are good.

Life is good.

How was your Monday?



Go Outside

When you don’t know what to do, just go outside and see what you see and you will feel content.

The moment we stepped outside to go for a walk, I was immediately happy. I loved the fresh air, the sunshine and being out of the house. I noticed the new flower growing in my yard and the naked winter trees against the bright blue sky.

When you step outside, what do you notice?

Life is good.


What Do You Wish For?

For me, this is it.

I wish to just be with my family and friends. That’s it. I don’t long for anything else. I want to see Kimmy and Tricia and Johnny and my mom and dad and nieces. I want to see my BFFS and I want to share life’s experience together.

The simple life is good.

Well, I do long for a beach house so that my family and friends can come hang and relax with me and hopefully someone will bring a guitar.

Life is good. What do you wish for?