Take a Break

We went outside to get some fresh air and to enjoy the sunshine. Spring is unfolding and feels so good. I am loving the light filled days and scents wafting through the air and love being away from screens and news.

Juliana got out the good chalk for us, that we had been saving, to use to doodle on the sidewalk. We started with an idea and then we both get to creating, adding on to each others’ design with color and texture. I enjoyed our collaboration and seeing how beautifully our creation came together.

How will you take a break today?

I wish you joy today and always.



I’m surprised I didn’t take up blogging again as a hobby during this Great Pandemic, that we are still in.

I wonder when it will be safe to wander and visit again and I am hoping very soon, as I have not seen my extended family in more than a year and many hugs are awaiting.

For now, we shall wait. Together.

Sending virtual hugs and peace and love to you and all who wait, together. 💛

Tree (Pose)

Grounded, still, firm, open, spacious

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Young, new, maturing

Would you be rooted firmly in rich soil?

Tall, thin, focused

Would you be new, young, mature, or old?

Thin, colorful, bright

Where would you be living?

My tree pose on top of Mt. Hamilton from February.

Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose. I like to do it everywhere I go and Iike the feeling in my body of trying to balance on one leg.

I think trees are magical and now that I’m paying attention more, I notice the variety and diversity and the beauty that each shares, as I’m out walking every day.

Kinda like humans.

Happy Memorial Day with love to you and all the loved ones that have gone before us. Namaste.

A neighbor’s house

Rise Up

Rise Up

Rise up with your arms, your heart, your head, your eyes, your thoughts.

Inhale. Close your eyes and pause. Exhale.

Bring your hands to your heart center, with palms touching each other. Feel the earth beneath your feet, as you are rooted in love. Feel the sun shine on your face.

Take this moment to feel gratitude for your breath and being alive. Think about someone else that you appreciate and wish them well, in your mind.

Enjoy this moment with whatever feelings arise as this is part of our journey.

Namaste and Happy Memorial Day, honoring those who have served others and have died and gone before us, with love and gratitude.


Hindsight 2020

It’s 2020.

l o v e

I feel like playing with words after thinking about the saying that hindsight is 20/20. This saying means that it’s easy to know the right thing to do after something has happened, but it’s hard for us to predict the future.

What if during this Great Pause/Pandemic of 2020, we could look back to see what we’ve forgotten during all our busyness up until this moment and we decided to apply hindsight 20/20 to our future 2020/2021?

What if we chose to set an intention about the path forward we wish to create once we are free from this time of quarantine?

As we get to choose how we want to live our happily ever after, what path are you choosing to make the most of your journey? I wish you well.

🙏🏻 namaste 💛


There were two discussions on social media that gathered a lot of attention. One was from a dog owner who was upset that someone called the police because they were unhappy with the dogs being off leash at the nearby elementary school where being off leash is prohibited.

The other story was about a patron of Costco who was angry because a Costco employee insisted they wear a face mask before entering, which is the current rule for all who enter.

Both people sharing their stories were very upset with the restrictions on their freedom that they did not choose, which brings me to tonight’s post about the definition of freedom.

One way to think of freedom is freedom to or freedom from. For example, one has the freedom to smoke and one desires the freedom from smoke. When one’s freedom choice infringes on the freedom of another, we might think about the greater good. If one’s freedom to do something infringes on another’s freedom from something, that’s a good time to consider others for the greater good of humanity. One is not wrong for wanting to practice their individual right however creating peace in this world some times involves self sacrifice for the greater good.

Let’s practice respecting the other and considering when we can let go of our own personal rights for the sake of the greater good in our communities, as we can.


Trying New Things

What new things are you trying while under quarantine?

We’re trying to figure out if our cats would like to go for walks with us.

Day 1 – Testing out the new harness
Day 2 – Exploring the Great Outdoors

So far, so good! I think she liked the feeling of the warm sidewalk and sniffing the dirt. Maybe tomorrow she’ll want to explore a little further with us.