Vacation Begins

All the promotions and celebrations are complete and we had “nothing” to do today!!!! Yay, for summer vacation!

My kids were most excited for our kittens to arrive and have been counting down the days. 

They are finally 10 weeks old and today they were finally ready to join our family, after gaining two pounds and being big enough to be spayed and neutered.

I love the feeling of anticipation and preparing and waiting for something BIG to happen.  Getting kittens was one of those BIG events for my kids and I loved seeing their joy and excitement.


Juliana said it’s only the first day of summer break and it’s already the best. She is one, lucky girl and I love her happy soul.  


The kids and furry ones are having a slumber party together tonight. So far, so good and no meowing coming from their room. 

Good night! xoxo

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