Simple Date with my Daughter

Our schedules are busy. Our lives are full. We long to create space and to spend meaningful time together. 

Today we decided to walk 2.2 miles together to pick up my car from the dealer. We enjoyed the journey and the quiet time together, feeling the wind on our faces, watching the gray clouds roll in and noticing things we don’t normally see from the car.

 After we got the car, we continued our date with French fries and chicken strips from Chick- Fil-a, and just sat together, watching the rain fall down talking about life.

I’m thankful she still wants to be with me and that we made time for each other. Thanks my sweetheart, teenager!  I love you and our crazy journey together!!

High School Orientation

Today Christian attended high school orientation all afternoon, followed by a pep rally where parents were also invited to attend.

Being in the gym, surrounded by eager freshman and encouraging and thoughtful upperclassmen, as well as kind administrators still didn’t make me feel quite ready for the experience. I am fully aware that this stage is the beginning of the end. He’ll always be my baby, but it’s time for him to grow up and learn independence and to be with his friends. I just pray he finds a great group of guys to enjoy the experience together and stays out of trouble, study’s hard and does good work.

He did great today! And I think I did ok too!! Good luck, CJ. Live it up!!