Outside Joys

I love that it stays lighter outside later now.

Tonight I grilled chicken on the BBQ out  back and loved that Charlie was admiring my cooking and grilling abilities. My kids love that I cook for them. It’s one of my little gifts to share with them that they really appreciate.

While I was waiting for the chicken to cook, I admired all the new growth in my yard. I love how the lillies just pop up every season without any work on my part.

  I admired this Oak tree that Jeff planted from an acorn he found at Chinese school 8 years ago. He used to collect acorns with Charlie and was curious whether he could grow an Oak tree from a seed. He’s been successful and I enjoyed this memory.

Finally, Juliana is cat sitting this week and instead of driving to or neighbor’s house a few blocks away, we walked and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery together.

  Life is good. Go outside and play.

🙂 xo Adriana 

This Is Summer Too


Sunny days.

Outside play.

Filling the gaps with togetherness.

Together they played and argued and excluded and forgave and apologized and worked things out. Together.

Together they laughed and made up games and had a water fight and chased each other as I watched and encouraged and redirected and smiled. Thankful for this moment.

I love my job. I love summer and this crazy life, even with the chaos.

What does summer look like to you?

Hope you’re enjoying your days.

nAMaste BeLoveRs

Summer Nights

Why wait for school to end? We are celebrating summer right now.

No homework for the littles and a couple more finals for the big one. Charlie insisted I come outside to shoot some hoops with the entire family. I thought I was going to catch up with bills and paperwork but someone “needed” me and how could I resist his sweet little voice and demands? All 5 of us took a break to play together and I loved it. Juliana thought we should go get ice cream too, and her daddy is too sweet to say no. So guess where we are with everyone else in town?

YOLO!! Living it up. Loving it out.

I love summer.

Life is good.