I have mixed feelings about awards ceremonies. As much as I love sharing the joys of life, awards ceremonies feel funny to me. They are not my favorite.

I am not the mom who put the bumper sticker on my car, proclaiming that my child is great.

Maybe it’s because this type of celebration is personal and doesn’t define my child to me. I don’t like the pressure, even though I have the expectation for them to be their personal best. And I don’t like singling them out. I prefer the connection with their peers and teachers and family and teams, as being a part of the whole.

I think I like the ordinariness of life and them just being, doing what they are doing and I don’t need an award as a receipt or acknowledgment of their success. And I don’t want others to feel less.

Awards measure what is tangible whereas I value more what is intangible: their character, and kindness, their ability to love others, their patience and determination to not give up and to work hard. Maybe the awards reflect some of these intangible values as well.

I do appreciate the awards and recognitions however they don’t bring as much joy as I would expect and that’s confusing to me. It feels like another one of those yin and yang moments. I am thankful for their hard work and that there is a way to recognize them, having us pause and to be present and to focus our awareness on all that is good in this moment called Awards Night.

Congratulations to all the awards recipients today! I guess I do kinda like awards after all, and you deserve the credit and acknowledgment for your good work.


Making Memories

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope that you are enjoying making memories and celebrating this one beautiful life, feeling full of thanks for this gift called freedom, and eating some BBQ this celebratory weekend with friends and loved ones.

Thank you to all who serve and help others and who have served and helped others and work to make our world feel more connected and loved and protected. 

Hold hands. Give hugs. Protect each other.



Silicon Valley

Yesterday, I enjoyed this beautiful view with my BFF. We saw a snake too, and that was a little bit scary.

Yesterday a friend texted me, sharing a connection from a post I shared long ago about roses and thorns. This really made me smile. 

The day before yesterday, a friend brought me a gift and surprised me, because it’s not my birthday. She liked the tree poster I posted awhile back and found us a replica. I am honored.

Today. I enjoyed today because I had a special lunch date and my kids had friends over and later, when we went to the Food Trucks for dinner, we ran into more friends. 

Community, connections and nature. I’d say it’s been a pretty good week so far, despite the thorns. Thank you, friends!

How’s your week going? It’s almost time for a long weekend. 

Be well.


A Clean Sink

You’re gonna laugh but having a clean and empty sink at the end of the day is something that makes me truly happy. I’m even happier when I’m not the one doing the emptying and cleaning. I’m also extremely happy when all the dishes are off the counter and put away, even those that were “drying.” 

When the sink is empty, I feel likes it’s a clean palate to begin creating something wonderful again! 

The kitchen is the hub to the family. If it’s orderly, everything else seems to flow smoothly. When it’s messy, things feel chaotic and the hub feels rickety.

So I’m happy tonight with my simple, clean sink! Now if someone would just clear the papers and clutter from the table…I can just imagine the joy to come.

Cheers to clean kitchens and simple joys! May we all have them.


Job Sharing

This is my work partner. We job share. She keeps me company and keeps an eye out for me. Well, she keeps an eye on my cursor and follows it diligently making sure I keep it moving. Luckily I had two monitors today so she couldn’t slow me down.

The perks!

This is my night shift partner. He makes sure I keep my priorities straight, like providing him with a warm lap instead of folding the sorted laundry.

Still can’t believe I’ve turned into a cat lady!

Life is good.

Love and Light

These are my favorite words right now. I love them as a blessing to others and I love experiencing both. I love the thought of love and light and focusing our attention on all that is good. What we focus on, is what we create and I choose love and light. They’re kinda like my BFFs.

Today I loved finishing the second to last day of my 30 day challenge, completing 240 squats, 38 push-ups and 95 leg lifts!! This makes me very happy. What challenge should I accept next, Yaya?

I decided to complete today’s challenge before dinner. The only thing that’s been consistent with this challenge is completing the daily challenge. Some days I’ve worked out in the morning and others at lunch, mid-afternoon, before dinner and at least before bed. Those ones were the hardest!

Tonight I finished the challenge right around 7pm and decided to shower before dinner. I loved the late afternoon sunlight coming through my bathroom window and didn’t want to leave until sunset.

Love and light. May it surround you and be part of your every day.


Memory Collection

What memories did you create and collect today?

Are you holding them secret, just for you? Did you take a picture or write about your moment(s) to remember?

Today I baked Aunt Debbie’s King Ranch Chicken casserole for dinner. It brought back great memories of visiting with her in Colorado probably when Christian was a baby. I liked seeing her handwriting on the recipe card I still carry and enjoyed thinking of her while I cooked and we enjoyed dinner.

I love food, family, tradition and making memories!

And I love that you choose to share this wonderful life with me, by reading and reflecting, connecting and sometimes sharing a like or a comment with me. Thank you!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week!



I asked Jeff what we should make for dinner tonight. I’m out of ideas and everything sounds boring. He picked chili, as it was cold, cloudy and rainy today.  So we went to the grocery store after Charlie’s soccer game to pick up all the ingredients. It was fun shopping together.

I asked Juliana to help me chop the peppers, while Charlie helped to declutter the kitchen table and I began browning the meat and onions. Jeff and Christian were working on other projects. 

I loved having my creative girl in the kitchen with me again.

She sees love like I do… everywhere…even in peppers!

Just another day in the life, living happily ever after one day at a time. How was your day?