Keeping Up

I’m up late. Most nights I stay up late and probably should go to bed earlier, yet I don’t. And somehow I still let things fall through the cracks. Tonight I caught up yet I still am not quite keeping up and it’s late. It just is.

I don’t always respond to all requests and questions via social media. Does email count as social media?  I think so. Sometimes I just forget or don’t have all the information to give the best response and as I’m gathering information, the next 43 emails pile on top and I forget to go back. Squirrel!

Most times I have good intentions to reply favorably or regretfully and yet sometimes I just don’t at all. And then I remember when I’m driving somewhere and I’m practicing not looking at my phone AT ALL and then by the time I get to where I’m going, I forget again. Please tell me you have a better system and you’ve figured out this little dilemma and will share your secret with the world.

I do keep lists and use google task list on my calendar to write tasks down for later when I’m sitting at my actual computer. I also write things down on scraps of paper and then put the tasks into my computer or in my Notes on my phone. And then I have to remember to take the time to look at my task list or my notes before forgetting again.

Can you relate?

I’m still practicing keeping up with my life and getting to bed early. Is that an oxymoron? Maybe that’s just the yin and yang thing again dancing in my head.

Good night. It’s almost Friday!! YAY!!

8 thoughts on “Keeping Up

  1. I hear you on this one for sure! In fact, this practice of buried email that I forget about just bit me in the butt yesterday when I ran into someone I know who had emailed me asking to meet for coffee to discuss some local issues and I had never responded to at all. While saying hi, I realized I had never even acknowledged her email and she’s like, yes, I know. (ugh) Anyway, it was salvaged and we set a date, but I hate the mass amounts of email because if I don’t respond asap it’s gone forever until I randomly remember it too. And I’m a paper list person too. There’s just always too much to remember. At least you’re not pregnant. Try doing all of this remembering on pregnancy brain—that’s been an extra loop hole for me. 😉 Love you!

  2. OK, my advice for emails that you open and read is: re-mark it “unread” so that it will stay bold on your inbox. As for remembering other things, I have a to-do list every day(on a post it list) and I actually write down the simplest things like get gas, stop at Target, etc. This way I have a visual reminder. I also have post it notes with me in the car and when I think of something I need to do at home, I write a post it for whatever I need to do later. I keep a pad next to my bed and jot a note at night if I think of something I need to remember for the morning. I’m all about the notes!! Old school, I know, but it works for me.

    • I love the Post It idea and am using that now. I am trying posting them on my kitchen cabinet door so the kids can pick what they want to do before they look at their phones. I also used to create one, big TO DO note in my Notes app on my phone. Instead, I’m creating individual notes for each task so I can delete them and see them individually. I have a Pad of paper in my car and a pen. I love this!! As for the emails, I’ll have to tackle that another day with my photo backlog!! Thanks, Marcia!!

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