Take a Break

We went outside to get some fresh air and to enjoy the sunshine. Spring is unfolding and feels so good. I am loving the light filled days and scents wafting through the air and love being away from screens and news.

Juliana got out the good chalk for us, that we had been saving, to use to doodle on the sidewalk. We started with an idea and then we both get to creating, adding on to each others’ design with color and texture. I enjoyed our collaboration and seeing how beautifully our creation came together.

How will you take a break today?

I wish you joy today and always.



I’m surprised I didn’t take up blogging again as a hobby during this Great Pandemic, that we are still in.

I wonder when it will be safe to wander and visit again and I am hoping very soon, as I have not seen my extended family in more than a year and many hugs are awaiting.

For now, we shall wait. Together.

Sending virtual hugs and peace and love to you and all who wait, together. 💛