As I’m practicing what I like to call “adulting,” I am missing my grandparents. I want to know them and to love them and share stories and my kids with them now that I’m an official adult. I keep missing them and our traditions.

I am thankful for my mama who learned how to cook the family recipe and to my husband who meticulously watched and took notes to capture how she made the liquid gold, because she doesn’t follow a recipe.  He watched as she cooked and created a Google doc that we could share, find and reuse.

Following the recipe this morning made me think of my mama and our family and the love we’ve shared over spaghetti dinners. I loved the process and the smell in the house and was excited for my family to come home to enjoy it with me.  I loved having it cooking on the stove all day, as I worked from home, getting up every so often to give it a stir, sniff and taste.

Everyone came home at different times tonight, and even though we didn’t get to sit together and share a meal at the same time, I got to see their faces and empty bowls and seeing them go back for late night snacks. 

Do you have a favorite family meal that brings back good memories? 

Salud! To your health!! 

Mangia!! Mangia!


7 thoughts on “Salud!

  1. Yes, it would be meatloaf with baked potatoes, green beans & jello salad-either lemon or orange jello with grated carrots & crushed pineapple-yum!!!!

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  2. I love that you and your family love the family spaghetti tradition. It is so comforting for everyone who comes home and smell the spaghetti simmering on the stove! “Yea, you are cooking spaghetti!” I love how everyone loves to eat the left overs at anytime during the day! Thank you grandma Mary for your family recipe, and we will hold you close to our hearts each time we eat spaghetti!❤️

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