Trying to stay awake

It’s evening time in Amsterdam and morning time in California. We are trying to get right onto Dutch time and going with the flow until hopefully 9pm! Here we are at the Sky Lounge at the top of the Double Tree, enjoying the sunset. Just gorgeous.

The Big Reveal —-ta da!!


Are you wondering why I’ve been noticing tulips and wooden shoes and train tracks? And why the talk of all this change? Today Jeff and I are traveling to Amsterdam, to find a new home, a new school, and new office space.  We are beginning a new journey and adventure and figuring out all the pieces and hope you’ll continue with us. Click the FOLLOW button at the top of my blog and become a Subscriber. As I update this blog, an email will be sent to you letting you know something new has arrived. I hope you will follow me and continue to share the journey, adding comments or just reading along.

Lots of love,

xo  Adriana


I have the imagination of a child. It’s usually a gift as I laugh at myself. When I walk the kids to school, I usually point out the “railroad tracks” and I walk across them. The kids used to follow me but they’re big now and just smile at my silliness. They’ve been there for as long as I know, mainly for my entertainment I think. Crazy, I know but gives me a smile never the less.

Paying Attention

Tulips, Wooden Shoes, Hagel Slag?

These are the tulips I noticed on my walk in the neighborhood on the rainy weekend. I seem to be noticing things much more vividly lately – things I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to like getting gas for my car, driving the kids to school, running into friends on the playground – you know, the normal stuff you just do… Dropping in at Trader Joe’s, eating ice cream, cold baseball games, the rain… what’s going on? I’m slowing down and paying attention to my routines and am hyper aware that they will soon change. I like this awareness thing – I like noticing and being present and in the moment – seeing  and feeling the rain and playing in it vs. running inside to stay dry. And letting the kids play outside, letting kids be kids. And when the time changed last week, I let them stay outside longer than I normally would so they can shoot hoops after dinner instead of rushing through the normal nightly routine.  It’s good to slow down and pay attention and to enjoy what is. Life is good.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Kimmy helped me clean out my closets and drawers today and we found this t-shirt. We had so much fun, laughing at all my old clothes that brought back memories, and why do I still have them?!? Thank you Kimmy for helping to let go and to throw away the frump-alicious, but comfy pants that made my a** look huge, but they’re just so comfy though clothes!! Every one needs a Wonder Woman. Love and miss you already. Come back soon. xo

Enjoying family time

ImageMy sister and her boyfriend, and my nieces are here visiting us this weekend. We’re headed to the Stanford vs. USC baseball game. Let’s hope for sunshine and dry seats!!  They brought me these flowers – aren’t they USC colors? Hmm… C says we have to cheer for the Cardinal, of course. So…Go Stanford!!