Sporty Family

I love that my family loves sports. I had a singles tennis match this morning and won! Winning is always fun, but I am also just as happy to be playing and improving my own game and compete against myself. The woman I was playing today was sick with a cold too, just like me, so we were both struggling but happy to be out of the house.

Charlie had a baseball game in the warm sunshine and lost by 4 points. I was able to make it to watch for a few innings with Jeff and Juliana before I had to leave for a second tennis match. We won our doubles match in a tie break and I was determined not to lose because I was tired from by previous match. Jeff and Juliana came out to watch and support me and I was thankful they were there.

I love that we all can enjoy our individual sports and enjoy watching each other play. It’s fun to be outside and supporting one another too. Christian was busy studying for finals and couldn’t join us. Maybe studying is a sport too!?!

What sports do you and your family play? Do you enjoy playing or watching or both?

Playing two tennis matches today and walking around in between was equivalent to walking 9.54 miles or 21,495 steps!!


Life is good!!


How often and how much time do you spend procrastinating?

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past 75 minutes, “thinking” about what I wanted to write tonight.  I wasn’t really thinking at all. I was procrastinating because I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to do the work, for no reason, except I didn’t have one, clear or creative idea. So I looked at Facebook, watched the Kings lose to the Blackhawks, texted with my sister, and avoided my work.  

I do this all the time.  I’m a master procrastinator, getting the work done at the last minute. I work better under pressure. Or at least I tell myself that.  Do you do the same? Just curious.  

And it’s so dumb, because if I just focused my brain for maybe 5 minutes, or set a timer for 15 minutes, I’d probably get the work done right away because I’d want to beat the timer. All these stupid mind games we play with ourselves.  Silly.


I hope you had a good week and are ready to enjoy another weekend.  I enjoyed volunteering at Charlie’s school today, helping out with gold rush days. We all dressed up in cowboy boots, plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and prairie outfits.  The kids panned for gold, made griddle cakes, and shopped in the general store. They were very industrious, excited and cute to watch.







Life is good.


What’s it like parenting teens?

I’ve got two of them right now, and so far, so good. I’m hoping we stay liking each other over the next 5-7 years, as I hear these years can be rough.

They say the golden years are from 4-12, when they are old enough to listen and understand consequences and still think you know it all and are the best.

At our house, we are practicing every day. That’s how I describe my parenting/ coaching and their learning/figuring-life-out-for-themselves processes. We are practicing. We are not perfect. We play and work hard and disagree and we make mistakes. And we start over again and again. And we forgive each other over and over and let go of anger as quickly as we can, never staying mad over night. We are learning. We are practicing. And so far, so good. I’ll check back in 5 years and see if we won!!

For now, I’ll keep practicing, learning, loving and enjoying these remarkable teens that live in my house.

Love this life. Love my teens. And the little one too. And the big one, of course!



Do you ever think about teams?

What teams do you belong to?

Why do you like to be part of a team?

I played tennis this morning with my team, and we were just practicing. I loved being out on the courts, playing with a new partner and practicing certain skills like keeping my eye on the ball and trying not to make mistakes. Any day on the courts is a good day to me. I love the challenge and the practice and being outside in the sunshine with friends. I love that we have a captain, who schedules our games and plans practices and organizes us so that I don’t have to think about it, and just show up. I love that my friends want to schedule additional times to play and practice together and that we’re always mixing it up. I love the friendly competition and working towards a goal. This fills me up.

Today Juliana’s tennis team won their championship playoff game. I am so happy that she was chosen to be on the team and got to practice nearly every day. She had a great team of coaches and supportive players who cheered each other on. I am so proud of her.


Tonight I worked with a team of volunteers to put on a graduation dinner. I was thankful that there were several of us working together to create something meaningful. I loved the input and ideas and collaboration and help. Truly, working alone is no fun and one person cannot possibly think of all possible ideas and best practices. Plus, having a team makes things flow smoothly and it is so nice to have backup help and to not have to do everything by yourself. I loved the time together working with friends, and that the people we were serving were thankful for the work we created as a team.

Tonight I was also thankful for my team of supporters in this life journey. April went to pick up Juliana after her tennis match, as I couldn’t be in two places at the same time. Jeff came to pick up Charlie from my event, and once he arrived, he let Charlie stay on and play with his friends as they were all having a good time too. Thank you for your help April and Jeff! You make life easier and I’m thankful you’re here with me.

I hope you enjoy your teams too – as they come in many different forms. Go Team!

Volunteering and Creating Community

How do you help others, besides those in your family?

This was the topic of discussion tonight.  We were all sharing how we volunteer and what we like to do.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s different stories, because how they chose to volunteer told us a lot about the person and their interests. Listening to the stories made me curious and helped me to know more about my friends. It also helped us to find connections between interests, that we may not have know about each other.

One friend likes to quilt and she volunteers for Quilt For Kids, making quilts for sick kids in hospitals. She used to love making quilts for her family, but after awhile, you don’t need any more quilts. She found a way to continue her hobby and to share her generosity and talents with strangers. She brought a sample of her quilts and told us that they donated 800 quilts last year. I shared a connection with her as Charlie was a recipient of a handmade quilt when he was sick in the hospital when he was born. The beautiful, colorful quilt was in his bed when we came to see him. I thought it was a mistake, that it belonged to someone else, until the nurses told me the story of the volunteers who make them for sick kids, so that their hospital stay might be a little bit brighter and more cheerful. We still have this quilt, and I used to think of the women who made it as a gift of love. It made his hospital stay feel less sterile and I was so thankful.  Cool connection, huh?

Another friend shared how she volunteered with the Humane Society to help families become foster kitten parents. She loved cats and wanted to help them. 

One woman shared how her mom forced her to volunteer when she was in the 8th grade, and that she didn’t want to do it at all. But by volunteering, she found her vocation and passion. She chose this field as her profession, even getting a scholarship to her chosen college, aided through her volunteer connections. 

What I learned from listening to all the stories, is that by volunteering we are helping others, but we are also able to help ourselves.  We create communities of interests with other like minded friends while giving of our time. We share conversation and create friendships by working side by side towards a common goal. We find connections through service and we create communities, whether it be around our passion for animals, kids, movies, antiques, singing, helping in schools, coaching, helping with sporting events, health services, mentoring youth, or whatever brings you joy.

Do what you love. Love what you do.  It’s good for all of us!

Life is good.



Was Your Memorial Day Memorable?


Who did you remember?

What gratitude did you feel?

Did you celebrate the day with loved ones?

We shared the day in Colorado with Jeff’s family before flying back to California. We were thankful to be able to be together and to honor PopPop, who wore his World War II Veterans cap.

He had so many stories to share and our kids had connections to make from their travels abroad to places where he had served. History came to life and was tangible. Everyone was engaged and happy to be together.

We also spent some time at the Air force Academy in Colorado Springs, admiring the air show and beautiful views.

Thank you Aunt Debbie and Ken, Megan and family, and PopPop for spending time with us. We loved being with y’all!!

Happy Memorial Day!


Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado


I love the miles of clouds in the sky and watching how the sky changes throughout the day.


Today we spent time with Jeff’s family in the Black Forest. I loved the open space and being outside. The kids had a great time playing together in the open fields, chasing the alpacas, throwing balls to the dogs and playing hide and seek. They had rocket balloons that they shot up into the sky and over the house, getting them stuck in the trees.



While the kids played, the adults sat on the back deck, listening to music, eating chips and dip and sharing conversation while playing with the new baby. Ken barbecued for us and we enjoyed tri-tip, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad and watermelon for dinner. For dessert, we ate chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

This was a perfect, all-American way to spend the day.

Today I am thankful for family, for open spaces, for kids being kids, and time to relax and just hang out.

Life is good.

Thank you PopPop and Jeff for serving our country and for fighting for our freedom. We seriously live the good life because of your service and sacrifices and the sacrifices of all veterans and their families.

Thank you. Happy Memorial Day!




I love the open space and tall mountains of Colorado. If I had to pick another state to live in, I might choose here. I love seeing the clouds and blue and grey skies and green fields.

We are here to celebrate Memorial Day with Jeff’s 93 (almost 94) year old grandfather and to remember his grandmother, who would have turned 90 today. Happy Birthday, MamMam. It’s so strange to be here without you. I didn’t want to sit in your chair and am feeling the emptiness of you not being with us. Still thankful to be with Aunt Debbie and PopPop and looking forward to a fun weekend together with Ken too and Megan and her family.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.


Lean In?

I met the coolest women today playing tennis. One was an architect and the other ran non-profit organizations. They both recently gave up their careers to be with their kids full time and were adapting to this new life stage. I was fascinated by their stories and could have spent hours listening to how they made their choices and whether they were happy.

They described how they were still recovering from post traumatic stress. It sounds like they were working so hard to do it all and to be all they could be to their employers, clients, partners and kids and they were now in recovery. They had long commutes and clients that demanded their attention when they were home with their kids. They had nannies they relied on who did things differently than they would have done. They would make it home for a few hours with the kids in the evening, put them to bed and then work again from 10 – 2 am. Is this what they meant by lean in? They must have burned out.

I’m so happy that they have chosen to lean out and catch their breathes again, and were out playing tennis. I’m sure it’s an adjustment period and I’m sure they will find their groove, if they haven’t already. These are smart, strong, beautiful women.

There is a lot of pressure on women to do it all. I’m sure there is a lot of pressure on everyone who works hard, but as a mama, we have double duty and the work doesn’t end.

So my point in writing this, is to acknowledge women and the choices they make and to support one another along our different journeys. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them to give up their careers, nor is it easy to stay home with kids either. I think it’s important for us to talk about this and that when we choose to work or quit, that it’s ok. I hope they feel supported and give themselves some slack as they figure out their new roles and daily responsibilities and make time for themselves. We are always adapting and changing and the good news is this is just a stage. If we don’t like it, we can change it. Or the kids will grow out of it and we’ll learn something new.


These trees are in bloom all over town right now and catch my eye.

Happiness Is

Here I Am is my life story. It’s about just being – in the moment and the pursuit of happiness. I happen to spend a lot of my time being home with my kids and family and working out and volunteering and playing, so I share these type of daily events because that’s what I do. For some reason, I find joy in sharing this journey, hoping that maybe my one life might spark something in you that helps to add joy in your life, your way.

I love my life and am always seeking ways to make it even better and I’m constantly reading and learning and adapting and changing. I tend to share the joys because those make me smile and everyone has there own burdens and don’t need anymore. I don’t like drama so I don’t write about that, even though it’s there on a daily basis. I like to smooth over those messy parts and focus on the good.

I considered stopping writing after my vacation, thinking maybe my life is “boring” to others. It has more of a routine now that we are not expats anymore. Jeff reminded me that most of the news on TV and on the internet is boring and repetitive, yet we still watch it and read it. We learn new things and have opinions and feelings and share our ideas and thoughts, and make connections, based on what we see and learn.

I decided that I want to keep on writing, because I think I know something about positive living and the pursuit of happiness and I hear from so many of you that you like what I have to say. This is rewarding to me. I don’t have life all figured out, but I love that you write to me via comments or text or private Facebook messages and private conversations and validate what I share. I love the feedback loop and hearing about your lives too. We are connected and I love this. So thank you for continuing to follow along and for sharing this beautiful life with me. You are loved.

I hope you had a wonderful day. My day was simple and rewarding. I worked out, met with some people to plan the details of an 8th grade graduation dinner next week, had lunch with a friend who just had surgery, and then picked up my kids from school. My daughter and I played tennis together, and my son and I played Connect Four after dinner.

No one had to be anywhere tonight and Jeff was home early because he has been sick. All my work is done for the day and it’s only 7:30 pm. This makes me extremely happy. I get to go to bed early tonight and catch up on sleep!! Life is good.

Have a great night!