Outside Joys

I love that it stays lighter outside later now.

Tonight I grilled chicken on the BBQ out  back and loved that Charlie was admiring my cooking and grilling abilities. My kids love that I cook for them. It’s one of my little gifts to share with them that they really appreciate.

While I was waiting for the chicken to cook, I admired all the new growth in my yard. I love how the lillies just pop up every season without any work on my part.

  I admired this Oak tree that Jeff planted from an acorn he found at Chinese school 8 years ago. He used to collect acorns with Charlie and was curious whether he could grow an Oak tree from a seed. He’s been successful and I enjoyed this memory.

Finally, Juliana is cat sitting this week and instead of driving to or neighbor’s house a few blocks away, we walked and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery together.

  Life is good. Go outside and play.

🙂 xo Adriana 


The sun came out briefly today before the rain and clouds returned. The earth looks so differently with sunshine upon it.  

The flower petals were heavy with raindrops in the morning and opened up as the sun dried them off.    


I enjoyed feeling the sun on my face and being outside, feeling warm and dry.

Today was another beautiful day. I hope you had a good day too.

art shared by juliana

Go Outside

When you don’t know what to do, just go outside and see what you see and you will feel content.

The moment we stepped outside to go for a walk, I was immediately happy. I loved the fresh air, the sunshine and being out of the house. I noticed the new flower growing in my yard and the naked winter trees against the bright blue sky.

When you step outside, what do you notice?

Life is good.


Day 104: The Sun is Shining, Let’s Go Outside!


Oma on her bakfiets.


When the sun is shining, the Dutch go outside!  I dropped the kids off at school, and was planning to clean and cook and get ready for company tonight, but the SUN told me to do otherwise. I came in and told my parents I was taking them for a ride today – on bikes!!  They were so cute and we all loved being outdoors together, getting some fresh air, exercise and sharing an adventure. We rode for at least an hour and probably would have kept on going if we didn’t have “work” to do!

We enjoyed riding all over Amstelveen and into the Amsterdamse Bos, a man-made forest close to my house. The sun was shining through the trees, and all the fall colors were beautiful. The crisp air felt fresh on our faces and we just had those perm-a-grins again. I hope the sun is shining again tomorrow. 😉


Checkout Opa on his OpaFiets – and what’s that on his head? I don’t think a hat counts as a helmet!!


Pure Joy!! Oh, to be a kid!! 😉