Tree Pose

If you were a tree, which one would you be?



Alive and Thriving


Leaning to the Left


Hanging in There


I love trees and I love being outside. Thanks to my sister Tricia for suggesting my blog topic for tonight. Do you know how hard it is to think of a new idea to write about every night? Thank you sister!

Life is good and busy.

How was your day?


Fifty Shades of Grey

Got your attention! But this is clean fun and family friendly. Geez!

Come see the (grey) Elephant Seals at San Simeon on the central coast of California for free!

Tonight I’ll share some pictures as my internet connection is weak and I’ve lost a copy of my first draft.

The elephant seals are quite entertaining and stinky! You’ll see mamas and their babies and papas trying to make more babies, being very dominating and competing with the other males in sight.




And for the tender hearted, here are a couple other cuties we saw on our walk.




Life is good.

Big Sur

I love California and feel refreshed and relaxed being outdoors and soaking in the sunshine and natural beauty, especially when we are near the ocean.

Today we explored the coast and the majesty of Big Sur. We stopped at Nepenthe to see what everyone was talking about and it didn’t disappoint.

I just thought I’d share some moments from the day.

We enjoyed watching the fog roll in and watching the sun set. It’s the simple things, really that make life great.

Life is good. Be well, BeLoveRs.




Wanting to Be Several Places At The Same Time


Ever have days like this? 

I wanted to be four places at the exact same time. I see this becoming a trend – at least this week and I’m struggling with making decisions.  One of my birthday goals this year was to be more decisive, more quickly. I tend to think of all the possibilities and what will make everyone happy or cause the least discomfort and sometimes (no most times) I have the hardest time making a single choice. I’m practicing. Isn’t that what this life thing is all about anyway? It’s the practice… no one really has it all figured out. We’re just practicing. Don’t you feel better just knowing that?

So today I had to drop off Charlie and then I wanted to watch the USA – Germany game, hike at Rancho San Antonio with Julie and play grass volleyball with the volleyball girlfriends, who I adore. I decided to do all three, but that didn’t work.

So I decided to actually hike while the weather was still comfortable and checked the game score on twitter wherever I got reception. I had to postpone playing volleyball another week and just hope the ladies will play again next week and I won’t have to miss out on the bumping, setting, and spiking!  It was a crystal clear day and a beautiful day to be up on the mountain.

It made me miss my BFF Michele who has recently moved and won’t be hiking with me weekly. That’s ok though, because we’ll just find new ways to explore nature and solve the worlds’ problems in the couple hours we’re disconnected from the “real” world.

Julie and I actually stopped at the top to sit on the little bench and just soak up the sun and magnificent views. Now that she’s a working woman, we don’t get much time to work out together like we used to. Working out together used to be our social time too. Luckily she has this summer off for us to play more and get stronger together!

We saw a few deer, lizards, a snake,

birds, goats, and chipmunks while we were out.


I especially loved the big oak trees too, that remind me of Thousand Oaks.


Life is good and I’m glad I picked the hike today, especially since the USA lost. 

Hope you had a love filled day. xo