Bubble Gum Alley

Some things are just really gross, yet we are still drawn to them. Isn’t that weird?  Take a peek at Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo.  Who thought this would become a thing and stick?  Haha!  No pun intended. Humans are really, really weird creatures, myself included.

How many thousands of people have walked through this same hall and added their chewed wad of bubble gum to the wall of fame? How do you choose where to add your part?  And who started this mess and told a friend who told two friends, who told their friends and so forth. Look how thick the wall is??  EEW.
 We first stopped at Rocket Fizz on the corner, to get a juicy pack of gum before walking over to add to the art exhibit. I just observed this time and enjoyed watching their reactions and prayed that they didn’t actually touch any of the spit germs surrounding them.  I think they were mildly grossed out too. But that’s probably half the fun – kind of like getting spooked out at a haunted house.  For some reason, we like to get out of our comfort zone for a moment or two. Maybe it’s the thrill and excitement of experiencing something gross and fun at the same time that draws people here. Maybe it’s the shared tradition. And maybe once we experience the grossness, we can appreciate all that is clean and normal that normally surrounds us that we don’t even notice. Yin and yang.

If you’re in San Luis Obispo, you too can experience this great tradition. Bring your gum and stop by off Higuera Street, near Broad Street.

😉  Adriana



Beach Time

So chill…up early, out on the beach and in the surf.   
The water was so cold, that we rented a wet suit.  

It was too bad we didn’t have all day to stay and play and chill with our friends. I love the laid back, relaxing feel of the beach vibe. Seeing the kids in the water and dipping my feet in brought back my carefree, childhood sweet memories.

Life is good, especially on the beach, which is the best place to BE.



My Happy Place


After spending several days with family, eating and drinking and just being together, we are spending our last day of vacation recharging at my other happiest place on earth, the beach. 

We got here in time to see the sun setting behind the clouds. Isn’t it just so peaceful to see?

After an early dinner and watching the first half of the Stanford / Notre Dame game, I took the kids swimming and sat by the fire for hours while Jeff and Christian enjoyed watching Stanford win in the final five seconds of the game. Our friends are also staying at the same hotel, which made our shared experience even better.   

They even had s’mores and hot chocolate for the kids and big kids alike. We are so lucky! 

This is what happiness feels like and looks like to me.
What does happiness feel like and look like to you?
I wish you well.


Being Sick And Being Quiet

My extended family has been together for days. We didn’t just come together for Thanksgiving, but the day before and the day after too.

My parents are amazing hosts and always welcoming to everyone. And everyone comes to be together. It’s quite amazing to be a part of and to observe.

I’ve had a cold for what seems like a week, so I’ve been more of a quiet observer which has been fascinating. I tend to have lots of opinions but this week I’ve practiced letting things be, and not reacting and not having an opinion and it’s been wonderful to go with the flow and to be quiet and to listen.

I’m not saying I like being sick, but I did enjoy being more of a listener than an entertainer and I sure enjoyed the family members who were quite good at sharing stories and jokes. I also enjoyed watching all the kids play together and doing the dishes quietly.

These are the simple things I enjoyed today while being sick and quiet. Oh, and I enjoyed the 3.3 mile walk with my sister and noticed all of the acorns on the ground, while walking in the fresh air. It was good to get out of the house and to exercise.

How was your day after Thanksgiving? Hope you are well.

Life is good, even when you’re sick.



Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

I am thankful for the hike my family went on together this morning with family and friends.

I am thankful for my parents being such gracious and giving hosts and opening up their home to loved ones, bringing us all together for a shared meal.

I am thankful for the gathering and the solitude now at the end of the day. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May you be blessed with love, food and friendship.



Going back to work has made me a lot more efficient with my time and it’s fascinating how much I can get done in a compressed amount of time.

When you don’t have pressure to get things done quickly, you simply don’t. Or at least, I don’t. Typically, I like to flow with the day and to not rush and to get things done in a more relaxed fashion.

Before as a full time stay at home mom, it would take me all day to get out of bed, clean the house,  workout, shower, make dinner, shop, run an errand or two, check email and social media channels and perhaps volunteer or meet a friend for coffee or lunch before my real job began at 2:30 when the kids came home.

Now that I’m working, I have become more efficient with my time and get things done compressed all together consecutively at once.

For example, this morning I had coffee, read the paper, made lunches, cleaned the kitchen and made dinner before showering and driving Juliana to school at 8 am. By 9:30, I had gone to the car dealer, stopped at the store to buy suede spray for my boots, sprayed them, did my hair and makeup and stopped at the dry-cleaners on my way to work.

I worked my half day and then went shopping for the holidays with the last half of the afternoon before joining the kids back at home at 5:30 pm, thanks to the carpool friends. I sorted through the mail, wrote a check for a school event, caught up again on a few work emails and warmed up dinner before heading out for the evening date and appointment with Juliana.

If I want to get my work hours in and keep my personal life and house life running, I have to plan ahead and utilize all the minutes and the hours. I tend to like this pressure because I seem to get more done. I do miss the carefree days, but not as much as I am enjoying working.

So for now, life is good – working part time and figuring out the work/personal/volunteer/home life balance.

How does your life flow? What works well for you? Are you happy with your balanced or unbalanced days? I’m curious.

Wishing you well.  nAmAste.  xoxo


Share Your Sweets

I found the solution to world peace and creating One Love.  We must come together and share our sweets and taste each other’s different versions and interpretations and show up at our communal table.

People across religions and continents bake sweets and cookies and cakes to celebrate life, whether it be a birth, an anniversary, a celebratory dinner or holiday.  We love the smells and creating something good to give and share with our friends and family.  We enjoy our grandmothers’ recipes and repeating what was once good.  Celebrations revolve around sharing food and traditions and creating memories.

Think about it. We share sweets and break bread together and we create intimacy and joy.  We create memories as we practice our traditions and invite others in.  Will you be making Christmas sugar cookies this year?


How about the traditional Jewish chocolate covered Matzo?


Sharing sweets is like a sacred sacrament.

Two stories of humanity caught my attention this week and I want to share them with you, if you haven’t read them already. Both touched me, because fear caused discomfort and yet sharing baklava and mamool brought people together and helped them to smile and see one another.

Image source: http://images.mediaallrecipes.com/userphotos/720×405/21460.jpg

Maher Kahlil is an American citizen who was speaking Arabic at an airport and was profiled and detained and treated as a terrorist. He was questioned and embarrassed, however once he was allowed on the plane and people asked him what was in his white box, he opened it up and shared his baklava.

Image source: https://louanneskitchen.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/c2adc-baklava.jpg

Hopefully by sharing sweets, passengers could see he was just like them.  Here are the details from his story:

Maher Khalil Story

Another story is about a woman who understood Arabic and was able to help a troubled, hysterical, older Palestinian woman who didn’t understand English when their flight was delayed: Naomi Shihab Nye Story . The American woman reached out and not only communicated and comforted the Palestinian woman, but also kept her company and helped her to communicate with her family, sharing her phone while they waited and making calls to other friends who shared the same language. As they waited, the Palestenian woman opened her bag and shared her powdered sugar covered mamool cookies. Every woman she offered them to, took one and thus she created a connection between strangers. It was as if she was apologizing for her tears and offering peace to those around her. And everyone chose to share communion in that sacred space.

The world is good. There are good people all around us. Let’s share our sweets and create this one sweet love. One love. No Fear.

If you like these stories of humanity, Frank Somerville KTVU is a great person to follow on Facebook. He is a local news reporter and chooses to share stories like these all the time. I absolutely love his perspective and love reading the comments and reactions from around the world even more.

He’s a lot like Brandon, from Humans of New York that you can also follow on Facebook or on his website:  Humans Of New York. He shares real stories of our humanity by showcasing strangers and sharing their stories, to which we can always relate. Again, reading the stories and seeing the pictures are powerful and reading the comments from his 8 million followers makes the world feel a lot smaller.

So what’s for dessert?  I like chocolate whatever. 😉

Life is Sweet.




Looking for a Sign

Recently I shared that Charlie had made bags to give away to homeless people in our community through a service project at our church. We have had 3 bags in our car since Wednesday and have only given one away.

Today we were looking for someone holding up a sign, that might need food or a blessing. As we were driving to San Jose for his soccer game, we came across a man in the middle of the intersection with a sign, that said, “God Bless You” and another sign that I could not see. We were stopped at the red light, about 5 cars behind the line and the man was at the front. I opened my window and motioned for him to come our way. He waved me on, as to tell me he’d be right there, as another person had opened their window and was handing him something.

I felt anxious, as I was going to have to move as the light would surely change any second and it made me nervous interacting with a stranger this way.  He eventually made his way up to my window and I showed him the bag, and asked him if he was hungry. He looked at me with a funny, inquisitive look, and I told him we had food and a rain poncho for him.

He did something that surprised me. He didn’t speak English and instead, sort of grunted and frowned and backed away, saying no to me with his actions. He did not want what we had to offer and he did not smile.  This made me curious as to what he did want. Maybe he just wanted money. I’m not sure and I wanted to respect his wishes. I didn’t want to project our wishes to share goodwill when he didn’t wish to receive it. I just said, “Okay. God bless you.” and drove away.

Life doesn’t go as we expect it and I’m practicing accepting what is, in the moment. I think they call this acceptance, without holding on to expectations. It’s not easy to do, but it sure felt good to let go in that instance.

I wish him well and we’ll keep our eyes open to help someone else.

Hope you are well.