Day 279: Queen’s Day! King’s Glory.

I was so excited for Queen’s Day today, that I drove my family crazy trying to get us out of the house early this morning. I wanted to see as much as we could and we did! I wanted to see and feel and experience what Queen’s Day was all about. I loved the feeling of it all and am so glad we braved the crowds and rode our bikes and walked all around and then some.

We rode our bikes through Amstelveen. It was the biggest garage sale I’ve ever seen! And people were everywhere, selling their wares, performing for tips, and selling baked goods.





After we checked out Amstelveen, we rode our bikes into Amsterdam and parked them by Vondel Park. Vondel Park was dedicated to kids and they could sell and act and perform too. It’s the only day of the year that the Dutch people are allowed to publicly sell their belongings out on the street. They don’t have yard sales or garage sale like we do in the US, so today is a HUGE opportunity for them and thy use every square inch of space. The craziest thing I saw was a fish race! I think they were selling bets as to which fish would move from start to finish first! Crazy!









I know I’m sharing a ton of pictures, but there was so much to see, that we’ve never seen before and I want to pretend you were there with me! We met up with Jen and her family. I have no idea how they spotted us because it was so crowded.




For five euros you could pretend to be a hamster! This looked like so much fun, but the line was very long, so we just watched.
After seeing Vondel Park, we wanted to see what the canal streets looked like and what was happening there. OMG – the biggest party I’ve ever seen! People were dressed up and singing and dancing every where you looked. Check it out…




Jeff’s office is in the city center, so we walked over to his office to relax and sit for awhile and to enjoy the views.




From Jeff’s office, we walked over to the Herengracht to visit with Toen and Loes. Their house is at a prime viewing spot to see all the boats going by. Charlie had fun helping Loes sell things.






I could go on and on, and hope you’ve enjoyed being a part of the celebration with me!
On the way back to our bikes at Vondel park, the clean up had already become.


Riding home after a long day.

Peaceful little duck family.

Happy Queen’s Day, and long live the new king!

Day 278: Almost Queens Day


I’m excited to be living in Holland for the last Queens Day. The anticipation is exciting. The kids all wore orange to school today to celebrate. I can only imagine what it will look like tomorrow.

Tonight Jen organized a group of friends to meet up in Valeriusplein for drinks and appetizers and to let the kids run around and play outside. We all hung out until the sun went down behind the buildings and the wind picked up. The kids were so cute, climbing trees, playing soccer and football and running around together.



The parents also seemed to be having fun too, chatting and eating and making plans for tomorrow too.

As I write this, fireworks are going off in different parts of the city. People have been out all day setting up their yard sale spaces along the prime street space. They are camping out over night, setting up canopies and flags and banners, tables and chairs. I love watching and am excited to wake up early tomorrow morning to jump on my bike and go shopping at all the kids’ stalls. We are going to ride through our town and through the forest, and into Amsterdam to Vondel Park, which I hear is hosting the sales of all sales! Mama and Pops, I wish you were here to go with me! It’s gonna be a sea of orange and celebration and patriotism. I can’t wait to mingle with locals and tourists and to meet up with friends and live it up with all the Dutchies!

Tot ziens!

Day 277: Hanging in the Trees

It was such a gorgeous day in Amstelveen today. Luckily the sun was shining, even though it was still very cold and we needed three layers! We decided to go on an adventure to Fun Forest in the Amsterdamse Bos. The have ropes courses high in the trees for us to climb and explore on small wooden platforms and cables and clips. I have always wanted to do a ropes course and never have. We were out hanging around and climbing for 4 hours and had the best day! We are all exhausted, so I’d say it was good!










Life is good. The kids can’t stop talking about their fun day. We all had a great time being together out doors.


Day 276: Two Lives



Everyone assumes I’m excited to move back home and I am. But I’m also nervous and have anxiety over it. I want to move back and I want to live here a bit longer. And I get to do both, but I have stress about moving and leaving my home here. My life is good here in Holland. And my life was good in California. It’s that yin and yang thing that is constant. And I’ll flow with whatever comes my way, but it does cause stress and I just wanted to mention that as I feel it and move through it.

I have great friends, who I enjoy every single day here. And I have great friends with shared history back home who are waiting for us and want us back (thank goodness) who we want to see and hug and hang out with again too.

But today I hung out with my friends here – I picked up Charlie from Joseine’s house and shared a cup of coffee with her, while the kids played outside and ran around together and talked us into another sleepover. How could I say no? We walked over to see her new home being built and she shared with me the details that she’s been planning for a year and a half, if not longer. She is passionate and I loved hearing and seeing her vision, and that she was sharing it with me. She is quietly proud and chose to let m be a part of her journey and dream, which I think is really cool. It made me not want to move just yet, because I won’t be here when it’s completed and I want to see it and be a part of her joy. I know I can come back someday, but I want to be here for the housewarming when it’s all done. You get it, right?

At the same time as I was enjoying my friends here, Jeff is back in California and enjoying our friends there. He went to Jessie’s soccer game and saw her score a goal.

He went to Costco and bought ribs to grill/smoke on the Traeger with Steve and is enjoying his last day there before heading back to us in Holland, probably drinking a tasty margarita in a green glass from Megan, with salt!! He went to deliver gifts to Becca from Juliana and helped to keep us connected with our loved ones back home. I love that he is there enjoying the yin and I’m here enjoying the yang. 😉

As he was getting ready to grill, we were just leaving a BBQ with Patti Beth & Amy & Mindy and their families. The weather was sunny and cool, and the kids – both young and old, played together, laughing and chasing and enjoying one another. The parents all brought food and wine to share and we had a potluck – just like we do in California.

It’s weird, in a good way.

Knowing that we’re leaving makes me savor the moment more than ever. I’m hyper aware that there won’t be many more and so I want to be 100% present and I am, and it’s weird to feel that. It’s kinda like a gift to really enjoy and appreciate your friends. I know, I’m sappy. It’s just who I am. I’ve always been like this and will probably drive my kids nuts. Hopefully I’ll know when to be quiet. 😉 I’m sure they’ll let me know.

During the car ride to J’s house, the sun was shining, flowers were blooming everywhere and Jack Johnson sang to me:

“And there will always be stop and go and fast and slow
Action, reaction, sticks and stones and broken bones
Those for peace and those for war
And god bless these ones, not those ones
But these ones made times like these
And times like those
What will be will be
And so it goes
And it always goes on and on…
On and on it goes

But somehow I know it won’t be the same
Somehow I know it will never be the same.”

And so it goes…

Namaste, friends. Thanks for reading and sharing this crazy journey. xo


Day 275: Change is Good


“One who wants to always stay happy has to change often.”

Do you believe this to be true? Well, at least my tea bag says so.

I feel like this is my path… I like change and I hate it at the same time. I like routine and then I like to shake things up. I like to move to another country and then move back again. And when I move back, I don’t expect things to be the same. I don’t expect to do the same things and I’m already dreaming of what I’ll try and learn and do next. That’s exciting to me. I’m excited for the friends that will be there when I get back. And I’m excited to explore, play, laugh, eat, hike, run, kiss, hug, paddle, and just be together.

And if you’re not happy right now, just focus on your breathe. Close your eyes and feel the air filling your lungs and feel it exiting slowly out. It keeps changing without you even thinking about it. Keep focused on your breathe until you feel calm and ready to change your thoughts to bring you back to your happy place, wherever that may be. We get to change every minute! Make it a good one. 🙂

Day 274: Homeward Bound

It’s bound to happen some day. Our some day just happens to be coming very soon.

94 days to be almost exact.


When we set out to move abroad, we agreed to one year away with the possibility of three. We were always fine with one year, until we started talking with friends and other expats, who kept telling us one year wasn’t long enough. We doubted ourselves momentarily, but soon realized what is best for our family is different than what is best for other families. There are several excellent reasons why we are choosing to move back to our home town after our one year is up in July. The number one reason is that it is best for Jeff’s career. Secondly, Christian is starting high school and we are happy for him to start back with his peer group at the beginning of his freshman year. And the younger children still prefer California over Holland, so they are thrilled.

Even though we’ve made this family decision, it still is challenging to accept the change and prepare for the transition because our life is also good here in Holland. I’m happy to move back home, but I also like our home here too. It’s what I like to call a high class problem, in that we are so blessed to have two homes now with friends and family we love in both places. Saying goodbye is never easy.

The movers came today to do an inventory and give us a quote to move our belongings back to where they belong. This made things feel real, and gave me a little anxiety.

I believe in living in the moment and living it up, so I’m not going to give much time to feeling sad or confused, because that will be living it down. I’m going to keep enjoying my friends and doing the work to prepare us for the big move home. I’m going to play and have fun and continue to make travel plans to see as much of the world as we can before we leave this continent, not that we can’t travel back here once we are back in America, its just easier from here.

Today I Am happy and sad and ok…and almost ready to start packing things up.


20130425-174149.jpg Ouderkerk

Day 273: Living it Up at the Rijksmuseum and in the Sunshine

I have a motto – Live It Up! We only get one life and we have limited time, so we better live up every minute and choose to do what creates happiness for ourselves, our friends, our family and our community. Right now. Every damn day!

Some of my daily sayings include:

Let it go.

Do you want to create a connection or conflict?

It’s all good.


Life is good.

What made you happy today?

No worries.

So what?

I love you.

Can I have a do-over?

God bless you.

I’m sorry.

I made a mistake. Can I try again?

Do the right thing. Choose the harder right.

In 20 years, this won’t matter.

But I digress… One of the best things I’ve learned so far is to live in the moment and to enjoy what you have and where you are. Right now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Be in the moment and live it up. And I do. And I do my work and take care of my responsibilities and I have fun, every day in some way. If the mama’s happy, everyone is happy. Am I right??

Today I rode my bike for the first time from Amstelveen into Amsterdam with my friends, and i was so proud of myself. I’ve been a little intimidated and finally faced my stupid fears and went, like all the other Dutch people! We met up with Cami at the Rijksmuseum and hired a tour guide for five euros each to give us the highlights of the museum. I highly recommend this option for your first visit. We also all had museum cards, which get you into the museum for free and avoids the queues. The museum just reopened after ten years of renovations. There were lots of problems and bureaucracy that postponed the reopening, but finally last week it reopened again and it is marvelous. The architecture is amazing, and was almost as entertaining as the art.





The arrangement of the collections are now organized by combining paintings, sculpture, crafts, and historical objects chronologically. Together, they tell the story of Dutch art and history Ina more contextual iced and meaningful way.

This was the first piece that was highlighted. It is from the Middle Ages and depicts the Virgin Mary expressing sorrow. The majority of the art produced in Europe during the Middle Ages was of a religious nature.

This painting is from the 19th century and was created by George Hendrik Breitner. Its interest comes from the use of photography to structure the painting. The veiled woman in the front is significantly larger than the other figures and was originally a maid, but was transformed into a well to do lady as requested by the art dealer. In this time,maids and the wealthy folks were not seen on the street at the same time of day. So this was cutting edge!

Van Gogh’s self portrait and a few of his pieces were displayed. Most of his art is in his own museum, and is temporarily at the Hermitage while the VG museum is being renovated.

We climbed up several flights of stairs to see a 20th century airplane that was designed by the Dutch.

We were all fascinated by how they got the airplane onto and into the building on the highest floor. They took it apart and rebuilt it over several months to get it to fit indoors.

The best part of sightseeing with a tour guide, is that they highlight details that you might otherwise overlook. I’ve seen Vermeer’s The Milkmaid before, but this time I noticed the broken window and the light coming through the cracks, and the Delft tiles on the floor. I loved the woman’s hands and the stillness and simplicity of her pouring milk.

This scene by Jan Steen is awesome and provided my lesson for the day. This painting is called the Merry Family. I love that everyone is being silly and jovial and playing together. The paper hanging from the mantel tells the moral of the story: “as the old sing, so shall the young twitter.” The young will copy and mimic their elders. What will become of our youth if we set the wrong example?

The masterpiece of the Rijksmuseum is Rembrandt’s Nightwatch painting. The room where it is hung is where it was originally showcased. The entire room is dedicated to Rembrandt, the master of capturing light and darkness. You could sit in this room and stare for hours and see something different every time.

Speaking of light, the sun was shining so warmly today and brightly that we had to go outside for lunch and soak up the sun. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from this glorious day. Namaste and I hope you get a chance to see the newly reopened Rijksmuseum.







And after the beauty of the Rijksmuseum, nature finished the day with her beautiful, final curtain.

Life is good.