Miss You MamMam

MamMam died today and I have felt a deep sadness all day. It’s a sadness that lingered and permeated by body as I moved through our busy day, when all I wanted to do was to be still and feel her presence.  It’s so strange to me how when someone you love dies, the world keeps on moving and not everyone else knows this event happened. I feel like the earth opened up a hole and she fell through and then the hole closed up again and everyone kept moving on, not even noticing the hole and that she left us. But those who loved her, still feel her and the hole in our hearts is huge, and you can’t see that either.  

MamMam is my children’s great grandmother, Jeff’s grandmother, and my PEO Sister.  She was just shy of her 90th birthday. She loved to read my blog and would read it every day on her ipad. I have loved writing, knowing that I was providing her with a little bit of entertainment and a glimpse into our life away from her and PopPop. My writing and her reading made me feel connected to her. And now she’s not there anymore and that makes me really sad.

PopPop – I know how much you loved her and how well you cared for her and how you both dedicated your life to each other and your family. You both have been and are my heroes and I strive to be like you and her in my marriage and with my family. Just last month you both shared your 71st wedding anniversary and I treasured our long conversation with you both sharing your love and tips for success, so humbly and graciously.  I’m so sorry that you’re constant companion has moved on to her eternal life with Jesus and I pray for you to find peace in the days that are ahead.

Miss you MamMam.  Love our family. xo


Julie and MamMam

12 thoughts on “Miss You MamMam

  1. Love the picture. I lost my grandmother when she was almost 80. I have pictures of her with my oldest son. I understand how strange it must feel to have that hole and most people around you not see it. Know that you still have lots of readers so you can continue writing for all of them!

  2. Dear Adriana, Jeff and family,
    I’m so very sorry to hear about the loss of MamMam. She was a beautiful woman and it sounds like she touched your hearts and souls deeply. It’s hard to accept the whole that opens in your life with the loss of a loved one, but feel comfort knowing she will still be looking over you and reading your blog from the heavens. Love you and wishing your family peace at Easter. -jess

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeff, and your family… It sounds like MamMam brought love and joy into the hearts of many,and will still bring smiles and happiness for years to come to those who knew and loved her. Her life and stories about love and family will not be forgotten to all that shared her life. When you reminisce about her Adriana, the hole that you have will fill up again over time with the wonderful memories that you have collected over the years of MamMam. Peace and love to you and your family…Christine

  4. I am so taken by that beautiful picture of Mam Mam and Julie. What a gorgeous woman she was! Juliana looks exactly like her grandmother Julie when she was a baby. Their legacy will live on through our Juliana, and she will make them proud! Love you!

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