Happy Easter


Easter represents new life and new beginnings. It represents hope and light and resurrection. It is the celebration of good over evil, peace over suffering, light over darkness, and life after death.

When I think of Jesus as a man who was so selfless and chose to sacrifice His life for the good of all humanity, I have to pause and think who of us would choose this path, if any.

And then I think of parents who sacrifice their freedom and money and life, for the good and benefit of their children and I see Jesus in parenting.

I see Jesus when people choose to share of themselves without the hope of any gain, but rather for the good of society and I’m learning that by giving and sacrificing and being grateful for our gifts, that this is a path to creating and sustaining happiness.

Good Friday represents the torture and pain and suffering that we might all experience and then Sunday comes and we are free. We get to start again and we can be refreshed and let go of of our fears and begin to love again. Aren’t we lucky we get to start over again and again?

This is what Easter means to me. It means it’s ok for life to be imperfect and that we can handle sufferings. We can recover and start again with hope, peace and light, whatever religion or non religion we choose, again and again.

Namaste and Happy Easter!


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