My Mom and Dad

My mom and dad came to visit me today.  Just me.  Here’s our selfie to prove it:


Well, that’s not really true, but a girl can pretend she’s an only child and had them all to herself, which was true for an hour or two.

I am so lucky to have such loving parents that love everyone, not just me. So many people admire them and look up to them and want to be in their company.  Are you wondering why?  So glad you asked. I’ll tell you.

Here are 11 reasons, because I like odd numbers.

1. They are authentic and real.

2. They are unconditionally loving and funny.

3. They are unselfish and giving.

4. They go out of their way to take care of others. Always.

5. They always welcome friends and family to their home. They never are “busy” and the door is always open.

6. They make good coffee and their home is very gezellig (this is a Dutch word that doesn’t have an English translation, but basically means warm and cozy and welcoming.)

7. They make good bread and cookies and spaghetti sauce.

8. They always see the good in people and lift others up.

9. They love and take care of their family and extended family, always, without any expectations.

10. They make the time to attend the special life events of their friends and family, even driving long distances.

11. They call me everyday and keep in touch and keep the love flowing.  They just get the meaning of life.

I am so thankful that they chose to come spend a few days with us and I guess I’ll share them.  I wish that everyone could have parents like mine. The world would be a better place with such loving people spreading joy to all. Hey, maybe they are Santa Claus?  😉

The coffee is on… door is open. Come on over, BeLoveRs.  xo

7 thoughts on “My Mom and Dad

  1. Everything you said here about your parents is beyond true! I sure wish I could come up to see you all, but this is Hannah’s “Oma/Hannah” weekend together. Please hug them for me and Jeffrey and I will definitely come down to see them soon. I love you!

    • Hope you enjoyed your weekend with Hannah! She’s a lucky girl. We had so much fun together with my parents here. I hope to see you soon. Come visit me and bring Hannah and Heather too!! xo

  2. Nothing better than a gezellig cup of coffee with people you love! Your parents sound great!
    I have some Dutch family, too and lived in Holland for three years as a teenager.
    Thank for following my blog…it’s nice to connect!
    All the best,
    Anna Eastland

      • We went to a yummy Dutch restaurant on Sunday after church and had the most delicious poffertjes and giant pancakes covered with Indonesian Nasi Goreng rice, pineapple rings, peanut sauce, and fried bananas! Crazy but harstikke lekker, hoor! 😉

      • OH, you’re so lucky!! You’re making me hungry and missing Holland. So many good memories of our time spent there. I love Indonesian food! I’m going to have to cook a rijsttafel again!!

      • Yum! You should definitely do that! There are some good cheater spice mixes at Dutch stores…very tasty and simple. My step-sister Dymphny says it’s all about ginger, garlic, and lemongrass I think…
        Eet Smakelijk!

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