We traveled home today after spending a few days with my family for spring break.

The best part of being with my family was just that: being. I enjoyed watching and listening to all the cousins play together.


I loved having coffee with my mama in the morning. I admired how my dad was busy making fresh bread and crepes with chocolate chips and powdered sugar for the kids for breakfast.

I loved seeing my sisters and friends and just chatting together. I liked driving down the familiar highways and roads and seeing my old church and high school too.

It wasn’t anything fancy or about doing any one particular thing together, but rather just sharing meals and conversation and love. We just enjoyed being at home together, and I am thankful that we just got to enjoy one another.

I am also thankful for making it home safely again and for having kids who are actually (mostly) enjoyable to share 6 hours in the car. Juliana sat in the front passenger seat with me and we talked for hours and she made the time go by quickly. She used Yelp to help us find a place for lunch and navigated for me. The boys sat in the back and watched movies and played with their electronic devices. Charlie slept for the first two hours of the journey. He was exhausted from all the late nights, hours of running around with his cousins, and getting up early every morning.

We were all happy to see Jeff again, as he stayed behind this trip to work. We all piled on top of each other on our new outdoor couch and just enjoyed being outside and sharing stories about our days apart.


Life is good.

Happy Birthday to L and G and please send prayers and blessings for sweet MamMam. xo

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