Say Anything

We bought new board games this break and played together. This made me very happy! I loved watching the cousins play together at my parent’s house and I loved playing at my house too.  

I absolutely love playing games and am so quietly competitive and have been my entire life. I silently laugh when I win and beat my kids and husband. That seems like such a bad trait, yet at least I’m good at something!

My favorite question tonight that my family had to answer for me, wondering what my opinion would be was, “if I could be the best in the world at something, what would I choose?”

What would you choose? What would you want to be the best at?

I thought about my answer while they wrote down their thoughts. I was happy with their ideas on what I might think I’d like to be the best at. They chose:  teaching happiness, soccer, and wife/family woman.

They made me smile. I had to pick from their ideas and I chose wife/family woman as my top pick.

I am a wife and family woman and those roles make up my primary identity. 

My choice was to be the best me I can be. Here I am.

Of course I picked the philosophical question – next time I’ll pick “what would be the weirdest job” and stump them! ūüôā

Happy New Year. Don’t forget to play!


I Said, He Said

I said you needed 3 people to play Twister. 

He said you only needed 2.  

I said 2 wasn’t possible nor would it be any fun. 

He said 2 was plenty and we could play yoga, since I didn’t get to my class today.

I was then curious.

He was right.

Thank God I listened to him. He made my day.     
   He also got me outside to shoot some baskets instead of cleaning. Man, is he smart. 

I thanked him for making me play today when I thought otherwise. 

He said I was welcome.

I love him. 

He loves me.

Life is so simple.

Practicing One Love

I am so sad about the shootings in South Carolina. I don’t understand hate and I acknowledge it exists. I just don’t understand why we have to hate those that are different from us. 

I love everyone and want to know everyone’s story and culture and history. I want to celebrate our differences and learn from each other.  I want to celebrate each others’ rituals and live it up together and lift each other up.

I want us all to learn how to get along and to see our connected humanity.  We are one love, BeLoveRs. It’s really not all that complicated.
Today was our family’s last day of volunteering all week at Vacation Bible School. I know we don’t all believe in the same faiths, but what I do know is that we love our communities and what brings us together.   We shared a common experience this week and practiced one love and I hope that our practice makes a small difference in our one little world. 

nAMaste BeLoveRs

New Tamales Tradition

I’ve never made homemade tamales before today and I hope to make them again because it was a great experience.

My friend Adriana invited several families to her home to learn how to make the labor intensive and time consuming Mexican treats. We were so lucky because it really was fun to be working side by side with moms, kids, and a couple of dads.

Some were making the seasoned masa while others were busy spreading the masa in a thin layer over the softened corn husks.



Adriana made homemade red and green sauces, as well as shredded chicken and pork to use as fillings before we arrived. There were bowls of shredded cheese and a vegetarian mixture of corn and beans and salsa as well.  

We had two assembly tables and 4 huge pots with steamers ready to go.

Adriana gave us lessons how to spread the masa in a thin layer, how to not overfill them, and how to fold them and place them in the container for steaming.  

We were all eager to learn and to get started, as we wanted to make 100s!

Once the tamales were assembled, they had to steam for 2 hours to cook the masa.

Everyone patiently waited and enjoyed time together while the tamales did their thing.  We monitored the pots and added more water as the steam evaporated.  

The dog had fun licking up the fallen scraps and looking for more.

I loved every part of the process, even being part of the kitchen crew clean up team. I loved watching everyone work together and creating something good together. There were lots of smiles in the kitchen.

We all were hungry and enjoyed them when they were ready and then we bagged them by the dozen for each family to take home.

I love this new tradition and hope we do it again next year. Gracias Amiga!!



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -unknown

What did you create today?

There is power and peace in creation.

By definition,
: to make or produce (something) : to cause (something new) to exist

: to cause (a particular situation) to exist

: to produce (something new, such as a work of art) by using your talents and imagination

Elizabeth Gilbert posted a similar question on her Facebook page this morning and she inspired me to think more about this idea. I loved reading what everyone was doing and creating today from art to love to meals.

I’ve been creating space in my home. I’ve finally migrated my photo libraries and am now working on making a photo gift project. I’ve been making holiday plans and creating lists and more lists.

Jeff made a new brine for a turkey and smoked it on the smoker for dinner tonight. We all are enjoying his master chef hobby.


Charlie was creating music on his sax and put on a little short show for us after dinner.

Juliana made fudge.

Christian made progress studying this weekend and playing and building communities on Minecraft.

We had a creative day.

What did you create?

Juliana and I have been scouting Pinterest for craft ideas to do as a family the day after Thanksgiving. We went to Michael’s today to gather materials. I can’t wait for us all to be together and to see what everyone chooses to make.

Happy Thanksgiving Week. Keep calm and create happiness.


What Did You Love the Most Today?

They say what we think, we become.

So let’s think about what we loved today. What went right? ¬†What made you smile?

Today I loved the connection I had with Juliana the most. Sometimes parenting a teen and being a teenager are both challenging roles, and when we can dance together and not step on each others’ toes or walk off the dance floor, the day is good.

I loved playing tennis with my teenager today and really, truly enjoyed having her on the court with me, sharing my passion and time alone together.  There are so many reasons why I loved this the most today, but basically I loved us just playing together and taking the time out of our busy day to stop and play.


Life is good.