Where is Fall hiding?  

I put my boots on the other day and a long sleeved shirt, only to have to change into shorts and flip flops a couple hours later.

It was 95 degrees mid afternoon today in Milpitas. Is this normal?

And driving home tonight at 10pm, I had the windows open on the freeway and the car temperature read 75 degrees outside. This is strange.

I’m ready for fall to hurry up and arrive before we start seeing Christmas decorations in the stores, while it still feels like summer!

How do you feel about this strange weather? How is it affecting you?

Stay cool. 

3 thoughts on “Summer?

  1. I had to laugh last night at our meeting-while i’m sitting there sweating in a sleeveless dress and sandals, a few feet away another person was wearing jeans, boots and a scarf! It’s so HOT!!

  2. I still love it as I’m always cold so love summer. We just came back from BC & it was cool & rainy up there so now we’re in AZ. & it’s hot.

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