How often do you really get to play? And I don’t mean on your computer.

Do you play with your pet? Your kids? Your friends? Your partner?

How do you play?

Today I played in the kitchen making a new recipe I found on the internet. I had some red lentils and wanted to make soup out of them. Here is the mix of spices swirled slightly before heating to release their essence and aroma.

The soup turned out ok and will be a healthy quick meal to enjoy the rest of the week. I also made chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight while the kitchen was already dirty. Having dinner ready early before the kids came home gave me more time to play when they came home.

We had homework club at my house today with 7 kids participating, including all three of mine. Juliana helped by making fresh chocolate chip cookies and CJ helped Jessie with her homework until he started on his. We listened to and sang and lip synced to the Frozen soundtrack before getting started to amp up the energy a bit after being in school all day. We were all laughing and singing, playing and working together. Too bad I didn’t take a picture.

I challenged the kids to focus and get their work done in 45 minutes and told them I’d go outside and play with them if they stayed on task. They won the challenge and we moved outside and played tag, dodgeball tag and Mother May I? I think I had just as much fun as the kids. I loved their creativity and laughing along with them as we played.



Did you notice the Dutch flags flying in the backyard? I put them up for Halloween and liked them so much I never took them down.

On the way to drop off the kids, Charlie and I had a half hour to spare. I keep tennis gear in the car and saw the lights were on at the local courts AND a court was available. Charlie and I decided to spontaneously play together and had a blast. He’s really good and told me he wants to be on a tennis team too! I’m so excited about that.


Today was so much fun and I shared this story to hopefully encourage you to play too. It’s great to be a kid!


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