One People, One Love



Every day I stop to think about what to write and what to share that might be meaningful or funny or that connects to a current event.

Today, Juliana’s shirt caught my eye after I looked at this picture we sent her daddy, who’s been out of town all week. I noticed and reflected on the One People line.

We are One People. We are One Love and we are interconnected, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Our actions and our choices affect others and we need to look out for one another and be kind and loving, no matter what.

My mind is on Oregon and the tragedy that was created by one lonely and disillusioned person. People are looking for blame and for reasons why and want to politicize solutions. They want an easy fix to a complex problem.

How can we make a difference? I have several ideas and I’m sure you do too.

I think we start with ourselves. We can love who we are and be okay with the choices we’ve made and have experienced.

We can take care of our families and love one another and lift each other up. 

We can teach kindness and practice kindness every day. We can be role models and examples through our actions and through our words by gently reminding and coaching those in our influence to act similarly.

We can take care of our community by volunteering in our local schools, and at our local spirtual establishments, in our neighborhood shelters, and by coaching and leading and mentoring kids and adults.

We can build relationships and partnerships and connections. We can see each other.

We can focus on positive, real life (s)heroes and share stories of hope, the stories that lift us up and inspire us. What we focus on, we create. 

These take time and work and dedication. And genuine, authentic relationships take more than social media and instant gratification to develop roots. 

Get rooted.

Get connected, your way. 

Make a difference where you’re planted.


Practicing One Love

I am so sad about the shootings in South Carolina. I don’t understand hate and I acknowledge it exists. I just don’t understand why we have to hate those that are different from us. 

I love everyone and want to know everyone’s story and culture and history. I want to celebrate our differences and learn from each other.  I want to celebrate each others’ rituals and live it up together and lift each other up.

I want us all to learn how to get along and to see our connected humanity.  We are one love, BeLoveRs. It’s really not all that complicated.
Today was our family’s last day of volunteering all week at Vacation Bible School. I know we don’t all believe in the same faiths, but what I do know is that we love our communities and what brings us together.   We shared a common experience this week and practiced one love and I hope that our practice makes a small difference in our one little world. 

nAMaste BeLoveRs

Love Month

It’s Valentine’s Month. I know – typically we call it Valentine’s Day, but I love to celebrate love every day, and even more so during the days of February. Yes, I am sappy, but you already know that.

I had some grand plans to create special valentine’s for one person each day during the month, but instead I’ve set an intention for each special someone each day and have gotten so far as to send a quick text message.

I’m not sure that counts 100%, but maybe it counts for the thought? And for the moment that I’m writing to my BeLoveD, I do think of them with love and also about what I love about them.

Yes, my life is busy and full just the way I love it to be – and I haven’t made this Love Project the top of my priority list, even though it should be!! I’d like to think that I’m loving those in my circle of love by cooking and cleaning and shopping and chatting and driving here and there and working on spreadsheets and sharing great visions. Yeah, that’s it – I feel better now. I’m still spreading the love, just in a different way than I had originally intended and it’s a beautiful thing.

I think we should celebrate each other while we’re alive and give thanks for those who make our lives awesome by being in it together with whatever gifts they bring, even if that’s just with a quick text to say hi, I see you and miss you and love you, bye. In your own words, of course. 🙂

Who do you love? Have you told them lately? I bet they would love to hear it from you.

Spread the love BeLoveRs – it’s free and powerful and feels great! No calories. xoxo