Change Your Mind

The mind is so powerful and impressionable. It tells us what we like and how we feel and helps guide us to do what we choose to do and so many other things.  And once we make up our mind, usually we follow the direction we’ve decided.

For example, I used to not like cats. I told myself I didn’t like cats and therefore I didn’t. I didn’t make any effort to like them or enjoy them and didn’t give them a second glance. I  cared very little for their presence.  I was happy for people who had them, but I had no desire or interest to share in their joy.

That is until I decided to like them and let them into my mind. I reluctantly granted my children’s wish and agreed  to have cats at our house. It was a slow process, but I changed my mind and accepted them. 

I decided they were actually cute and fun and allowed myself to enjoy them. I really surprised my husband, my kids and even myself as I find myself sneaking into their room to hold them and let them out. I love watching them play and I love the life they bring to our family. It feels like we have joyful fur babies!! 

Who knew I could change my mind and find joy?  Have you ever changed your mind for the better when you never thought you would?  So curious and very cool!

   Aren’t they cute?? Life is good!

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