Chief Cheerleading Officer

Wouldn’t this be a great job title? I think every office, and family, and team, and community should have at least one, along with a cheerleading squad to support the team.  We all need someone to lift us up, to remind us of our goals, to share our team spirit, and to encourage, motivate and unify us.

I was graciously labeled this today at one of my meetings and I loved it. I love bringing people together and sharing a common vision and lifting each other up, whether it be at work, on the field, in the community and/or with my family.

I looked up the purpose of cheerleaders, and here is one definition:

“The purpose of cheerleaders is to convey school spirit while supporting the competitive sporting events of the school. Cheerleaders act as liaisons between the spectators and the playing team by incorporating cheers, dances, and other crowd involvement techniques.  They are also representatives of the school and community. The cheerleading squads are team-based activities that promote fitness, trust, self-esteem, enthusiasm, and fun!” – Big Foot High School web page from 2011

In the workforce, a cheerleader is the one that encourages the team and reminds everyone that their team is the best and helps everyone rally behind company goals, reminding everyone of the mission and keeping things fun. They encourage the team players to do their best and root for them, focusing on the good. The cheerleader is passionate and filled with enthusiasm and hopes that her passion and enthusiasm is contagious in the organization.

Who do you know that is a cheerleader?  I keep hearing the OMI Cheerleader song play over and over in my head –  Oh, I think I found myself a cheerleader…Thanks Kimmy!

Here’s my cheer for the night:  “YOU ARE ENOUGH!!”  xo

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