Here I Am Another Year Older

I still love birthdays. I think I always will. I love the excitement and anticipation of celebrating life, can you tell?  

Today was the first time I had limited expectations of how I wanted the day to unfold and having limited expectations created huge amounts of joy.

I was content and at peace and so very thankful.

I did everything I wanted to do. I enjoyed friends and family in several ways.  I loved all the phone calls and texts and cards and gifts and Facebook celebrations. 

Each member of my family made a homemade card. They decorated the kitchen and had coffee and breakfast ready for me when I got up along with very thoughtful gifts.

I got to play dodgeball and keep away, enjoyed lunch out with my kids, pedicures with my daughter, happy hour with friends,  being spoiled, watching the Warriors win, and having more friends come back for cake! 


I am happy and filled with gratitude for this one, beautiful, imperfect life I am living, perfectly imperfectly. 

nAMaste BeLoveRs


5 thoughts on “Here I Am Another Year Older

  1. Happy Birthday, Adriana. I’m sorry I missed it yesterday. I’m glad you had a wonderful day!! I wish you many more happy, wonderful days ahead!!
    Love, Sara

  2. Glad to know you enjoyed your special day so much as well as a beautiful cake & always your beautiful Smile!!!! Love it. We missed you all @ bocce ball-we all had such a good time & Dorothy & Lescher Dowling were there so it was really great to see them. Lescher was the RINGER-he sure knows how to play the game. I was having trouble playing & trying to watch the Warriors play. Glad the won last night.

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