Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Along with the change your mind theme, sometimes you just don’t feel on/right/happy/up/positive/etc. That’s okay! It’s actually normal. 

What do you do when you’re having an “off” day?

I woke up with one of those moods for no apparent reason. I was like, uh-oh!! I saw it. I felt it. I wanted to zap it right away. But the feeling was just there and didn’t want to leave. 

What did I do?

1.  Acknowledged the off feeling.

2. Decided I didn’t want to be off, even though I felt it.

3. Faked it until I made a difference.

4. Went through the motions, even though I felt resistance. I didn’t stop and kept going, even when I wanted to just take a nap.

5. Enjoyed my day anyway, despite the lingering negative feelings.  I was happy with my experience even though I was unhappy on the inside and waited patiently for peace to arrive.

6. Made jokes about being mad and laughed at myself.  I was pretending I was mad and saying funny things.  This made me laugh.

7. Spoiled my daughter.

8. Did my chores.

9. Dressed up and met a friend for dinner and drinks.

10.  Went for a long walk with my BFF.

Guess what?  Love, laughter and determination wins. I came home happy again and the negative feelings were gone. But it took awhile!!


I think the walk and laughter and time with my family and friends made a big difference in my day. I think knowing I didn’t feel good and not acting on that feeling was key too. 

How do you handle stress? What makes you feel better?

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