Cat Naps

I have been getting about 5 -6 hours of sleep most nights and today I was tired. Jeff just got back from a trip to Mexico and I left the house at 7:45 am to get Charlie to his event. We had been running the kids around to their sporting events until after 2 pm and had a list of things we thought we might like to do today. Jet lag and lack of sleep led us to decide to take an afternoon nap, which we rarely do.  It’s nice that our kids are big now and can entertain themselves but our fur babies decided they wanted to sleep with us. I think they were all asleep before I was.  
 I guess this is what you’d call a cat nap. Haha! I still can’t believe I have and love the cats, but it’s true that I do. I don’t even mind when they wake me up to play and snuggle because they are so loving. 
Do you have pets? I wonder what it would be like to have a dog.

Hope that you use this weekend to rest and refresh and recover.  Life is good.

Helping One Another

I get by with a little help from my friends.  


 I was so happy to have had help today building Christian’s new bed.  
Remind me the next time I shop at IKEA for a good deal, that it takes a full day+ to assemble and build their products! Ugh.  At least we spent the day together.  It’s all good.


Change Your Mind

The mind is so powerful and impressionable. It tells us what we like and how we feel and helps guide us to do what we choose to do and so many other things.  And once we make up our mind, usually we follow the direction we’ve decided.

For example, I used to not like cats. I told myself I didn’t like cats and therefore I didn’t. I didn’t make any effort to like them or enjoy them and didn’t give them a second glance. I  cared very little for their presence.  I was happy for people who had them, but I had no desire or interest to share in their joy.

That is until I decided to like them and let them into my mind. I reluctantly granted my children’s wish and agreed  to have cats at our house. It was a slow process, but I changed my mind and accepted them. 

I decided they were actually cute and fun and allowed myself to enjoy them. I really surprised my husband, my kids and even myself as I find myself sneaking into their room to hold them and let them out. I love watching them play and I love the life they bring to our family. It feels like we have joyful fur babies!! 

Who knew I could change my mind and find joy?  Have you ever changed your mind for the better when you never thought you would?  So curious and very cool!

   Aren’t they cute?? Life is good!


I love babies. I see them and want to hold them and love them and take pictures of them and hold them again. I love their innocence and playfulness and I love just watching them be.

I didn’t know how much I would love fur babies.  I must be getting soft in my old age.  I can see how my family loves them and this makes me love them even more.  I find myself sneaking in their room to see how they’re doing and I talk to them in that squeaky voice and surprise myself.  They are super cute!


I was never an animal lover before but I think I’ve changed!  

Life is good.  


Vacation Begins

All the promotions and celebrations are complete and we had “nothing” to do today!!!! Yay, for summer vacation!

My kids were most excited for our kittens to arrive and have been counting down the days. 

They are finally 10 weeks old and today they were finally ready to join our family, after gaining two pounds and being big enough to be spayed and neutered.

I love the feeling of anticipation and preparing and waiting for something BIG to happen.  Getting kittens was one of those BIG events for my kids and I loved seeing their joy and excitement.


Juliana said it’s only the first day of summer break and it’s already the best. She is one, lucky girl and I love her happy soul.  


The kids and furry ones are having a slumber party together tonight. So far, so good and no meowing coming from their room. 

Good night! xoxo

Bees and Butterflies and Kittens

We are thinking of getting a kitten and went to visit some rescue babies today. 

We first went to one foster family house to see Major Tom but he ws already adopted by the time we arrived. The lady was so kind and friendly that I wanted to stay and chat even longer with her. I left wishing we were friends! She gave us the name of another foster family to visit who had 5 week old babies that we could visit for possible pre- adoption.  

We drove over to the next house and as soon as I got out of the car, I was attracted to the colorful flowers. I walked over to see them more closely and had to take some pictures to share with you.

 As I was looking at the flowers, I noticed the bees buzzing around and was so excited by the photos I captured with my iPhone 6. The details my iPhone can capture are just amazing. 


As I was following the bees I noticed the butterflies circling the flowers. 


I wonder what kind of flowers these are that attracted such beautiful animals.  I was definitely distracted by them and the kids got impatient, reminding me that we were supposed to go inside to meet the kittens.

We went inside and waited for the lady to get the room ready to show us the six kittens. It was worth the wait and we are excited to adopt a couple soon. 

Life is good.  Now we have to start thinking of good names!! 
xoxo Adriana