Sitting Bull

Can you sit still?

I can’t. I mean I can sit, but I can’t stay for long.  I want to crawl out of my skin and do something. I have lists you know!

I tried to slow down today and did. I sat, but my brain had other plans. I was like a sitting bull, just waiting to attack.

I literally need help. And not just from  a chiropractor. or a masseuse.

My brain doesn’t turn off. I feel bad for my family because I have so many ideas to share and plans for us to do things together. I probably drive them crazy!

I admire people who can sit at home and read a book. I always think I should be doing something else and my mind starts doing flip flops.

I need to practice putting my phone down, keeping my hands still and just being.   Maybe I’ll have to practice for 3 minutes with nothing to do and then move up from there?  This is probably what they mean by being present and in the moment and here I thought I was doing it right. I need mindfulness and meditation and some yoga!

Geez – I have a lot to learn.

How was your day? Can you sit still? What do you like to do? Got any tips for me?

4 thoughts on “Sitting Bull

  1. Putting that phone down is the 1st thing. I get tires off all the things we have to respond to on our phone. This is the 1st I’ve looked a mine in 2 days. Being in the moment is really important. This is a great opportunity you have to slow down with your neck acting up. XO.

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  2. I enjoy sitting still. I like to put my feet up and watch my recorded shows, or read a magazine or book. I enjoy when the house is very quiet. On Sunday morning, I make a very large cup of coffee, bake a trader joes chocolate croissant and watch Sunday Morning(recorded) all by myself. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week!

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