Today is Christmas


It’s just after 10 pm and I just sat down to rest and reflect on the day. I typically sit for awhile and check Facebook, email, Instagram, and the news while I think about what to write. Charlie came up to kiss me good night and I wanted to stop and be present and really see him and wish him a Merry Christmas one more time before he went off to bed.

This moment captures the meaning of Christmas to me. Being loved and being loving. And isn’t it great that we can share this gift every holy-day, 365 days a year and it doesn’t cost a penny?

We had a full day of celebrations, with family and friends and enjoyed unstructured and unscheduled time, being thankful.

We continued trying something new today by going to the movies on Christmas, which I don’t think we’ve ever done before. Man, the parking lot was so crowded and the lines for the movies incredibly long. We had to sit in the front rows to be able to sit as a big group with our friends.  I enjoyed this relaxing family time together, as everyone was content and quiet, with no interruptions!  Gotta love it.  It’s the little things. We saw Frozen, a wonderful Disney movie that portrays strong, brave, women characters with a message of true love.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and recommend it for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed your day and shared some love and light with those near and far.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.



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