We were preparing and anticipating Christmas for 30 days and then it came and went. All the shopping and cooking and decorating and cards and stuff to celebrate relationships and love and then it was over in a flash.

Juliana was anticipating the release of the new Justin Bieber movie and today we had a date together to go see it. We both enjoyed the documentary and took away a few lessons.

We were spending the time waiting and anticipating the arrival of my sister and niece. The presents were wrapped, food was bought, the house was cleaned and we waited anxiously outside for her to arrive.

Now that they’re here, we are enjoying their presence even more and soaking them in.

All week we’ve been waiting and anticipating different events and enjoying the journey. Even when the events pass, we’re still learning and dreaming of the next event and savoring the moments. I hope the excitement lasts forever! I’m sure it will.

How was your day? Did you anticipate something new?

Happy Boxing Day!

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