Happy International Women’s Day

One Love.

I still dream of that every day.

I am still practicing, seeing everyone’s humanity and the gifts of our shared sisterhood and discovering ways to connect, through our confidence, vulnerabilities, bravery, abilities, gifts, grace, strength and perfectly imperfect ways of being human.

We all belong to each other.



Stories Connect Us

Juliana asked me why I choose to write every day and share something about my life.  

We all have a story to share and I like discovering connections between mine and yours. Our stories are always changing which makes us all so very interesting. 

Writing my story helps me to show up every day and to be thankful for what is.  It’s like yoga for the mind – being present on the page.

And when you, my BeLoveRs, write back by whatever means (email, text, Facebook, comments, etc) and connect and relate your story with mine, we share a moment of our spirits being connected and this is ReaLLy cool to me.

Writing also captures the highlights of the history I am creating daily.  It’s my digital scrapbook that just happens to be public and I treasure this as I don’t take the time to scrapbook otherwise and I have a bad memory. 

Listen the next time you’re at the table and see how the conversation goes. Listen for the connections and the history and for the stories of our lives that make us who we are and bind us together.
Our stories connect us. 

To be continued…

What is Your Love Story?

We all have a love story.

What does yours look like? What does it feel like? Is it happy or sad? Fulfilling or tragic? Somewhere in the middle? Simple or complex? Beginning or ending? In transition? Filled with drama or peaceful?

I (mostly) write about love and happiness and joy because these are the things I want to feel and experience, despite the pain and chaos and conflict that also exists. My love story has those elements too… I just don’t like to focus my thoughts there for very long. I prefer (when I’m strong enough and able) to acknowledge them and find a solution or recognize that which is yucky and then move on to spending more time living and loving and laughing and singing. I do that too and embarrass my kids, but that’s ok because it usually makes them laugh. And that makes me happy, which is the path I choose to follow every day. It’s my life practice. Is there a Degree in happiness? Or can you teach love and happiness like you teach yoga? Hmm… That’s an interesting thought.

Today my love story involved my family and my parents. My parents are my best teachers of unconditional love and I am so thankful for their priceless gift. I am happy just being in the same room as them, watching them interact with my family and listening to them talk and laugh, holding hands, leaning my head on their shoulders and rubbing my foot on theirs as we just sit and chat and hang out together.

My family shared a new experience together riding ATVs in the Pismo / Oceano Dunes. At first I was a bit fearful and excited and nervous. Once we started cruising along the beach, I was content and a wee bit excited. I loved that we were cruising on the beach! As we entered the dunes, two ATVs got stuck and we struggled to learn how to get up the hill in loose sand and how to restart the engine. We supported one another, stopping to help each other out and waiting for one another as we road through the open sand dunes. We were so lucky as we had the dunes all to ourselves, which made our first time out feel a little safer. We learned something new together and this shared connection made me very happy, especially knowing that everyone had a good time and didn’t get hurt.



Life is good, and I hope you’re living your happily ever after. xo

Painting with Friends


Before I hurry off to sleep, I wanted to share the highlights from the painting nite party I attended with my friends.

Jessica is my BFF from my hometown and we were celebrating her birthday tonight. The best gifts are shared experiences and creating memories together. Thanks for choosing a great way to celebrate wonderful you, Jess and including us!

If you’ve never done this before, there are organizations that bring friends together and provide all the supplies and a coach to help you be a master painter for the evening. Tonight we met up in Mountain View at a restaurant and painted a nature scene. There was music playing, food and drinks and a very funny instructor who helped us all leave our fears behind. It was fun to start with a blank canvas and to build on the different layers. I also enjoyed watching the other artists’ interpretations of the same idea and how different all of our pieces turned out. Everyone was so creative.

Life is Good!! Happy birthday, Jessica!! And many more. xoxo





Something New


Today we experienced something new.

We went to our first ever water polo match. The USA played against Serbia at Stanford, and unfortunately lost. I happen to follow Stanford Athletics on Facebook and learned about the timing of this match through social media.

Christian has expressed interest in possibly playing next year and we thought it would be great for him to see a live event.

I was amazed at how fast and how strong the players were, and how they were able to propel themselves half way out of the water and still be able to throw or pass the ball. It is a very physical sport too! I know, I’m new. I was just in awe and loved watching the entire match, even though it was nearly 100 degrees out. Luckily we found seats in the last row in the shade, otherwise watching the game in the sizzling sun would not have been enjoyable or bearable at all.

I was thankful to spend the day with my family, discovering something new together. Juliana came home considering playing one day too. They gave out miniature little water polo balls and Charlie took one with him on a walk this evening, mimicking the arm movements that he witnessed in the pool today. So cool to watch and who knows, maybe today will be a spark, or perhaps it’ll just be another way for us to spend time as a family watching and enjoying a new sporting event.

Life is good. Live it up.



We traveled home today after spending a few days with my family for spring break.

The best part of being with my family was just that: being. I enjoyed watching and listening to all the cousins play together.


I loved having coffee with my mama in the morning. I admired how my dad was busy making fresh bread and crepes with chocolate chips and powdered sugar for the kids for breakfast.

I loved seeing my sisters and friends and just chatting together. I liked driving down the familiar highways and roads and seeing my old church and high school too.

It wasn’t anything fancy or about doing any one particular thing together, but rather just sharing meals and conversation and love. We just enjoyed being at home together, and I am thankful that we just got to enjoy one another.

I am also thankful for making it home safely again and for having kids who are actually (mostly) enjoyable to share 6 hours in the car. Juliana sat in the front passenger seat with me and we talked for hours and she made the time go by quickly. She used Yelp to help us find a place for lunch and navigated for me. The boys sat in the back and watched movies and played with their electronic devices. Charlie slept for the first two hours of the journey. He was exhausted from all the late nights, hours of running around with his cousins, and getting up early every morning.

We were all happy to see Jeff again, as he stayed behind this trip to work. We all piled on top of each other on our new outdoor couch and just enjoyed being outside and sharing stories about our days apart.


Life is good.

Happy Birthday to L and G and please send prayers and blessings for sweet MamMam. xo