Tennis Love


I love playing tennis.  I love everything about it and am always looking for the opportunity to play and to improve my game.

We played a USTA match at Silver Creek Country Club in San Jose. The weather was warm and sunny and just perfect. Five of us carpooled together to our matches at 11 am.  We played on three courts – two doubles matches and one singles match. We won 2 out of 3 of our matches and had a great afternoon on the courts. I just demoed a new racquet and felt such a difference in my game today. Any day on the courts is a good day.  Winning is just like the icing on the cake 

After our matches, the host team hosted a lunch for all of us with homemade vegetable soup, salad, sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips and salsa, wine and beer and a cookie platter for dessert.

Life is good.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a fabulous new week.



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