Pretty Things

What do you find pretty that puts a smile on your face?

Today someone really liked my shoes and that made me smile because I love them and I loved that they loved them too. We shared a conversation and a connection over cute, whimsical shoes.

My shoes are “vintage” Kate Spade and you can find other pretty shoes by her here: Kate Spade Shoes

I have a new handbag from the spring Stella & Dot collection that is also pretty and makes me happy. I love the vibrant colors and pattern and that people like it and ask me where I got it. It’s a great conversation piece and I like to share the story about it and talk about Stella & Dot because it’s fun and also makes me happy.

You can find it on my website if you want one too: S&D how does she do it bag

The other pretty thing that made me smile today were beautiful tulips arranged in a pretty little vase. Again, women were chatting and sharing appreciation for the pretty little things in life. These flowers reminded me of the bunches in Holland that were readily available and inexpensive in all colors. They made me think of and miss my Dutch friends!

If you want to find tulips in California, they have them now at Trader Joes.
Trader Joe’s

I like pretty things because of the stories and connections associated with them the most. What pretty things do you love?

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