Day 333: Our Last European Road trip…(at least for awhile)


We’re in the process of preparing to move back to the United States. Part of this process included one last family road trip this weekend. I’m thankful that Jeff had a few ideas of places to see today outside Bruges, as the weather was still bad today.

We drove to Ieper, where some of the important battles of World War One happened.

At one point 500,000 men died within 100 days. We explored the In Flanders Field museum, which was one of the best hands on, interactive and multi-media museums we’ve visited.


The red poppy symbol comes from this region.

We next drove to find the biggest British Commonwealth cemetery in the world.

Tyne Cot Cemetery.

Standing on top of an old bunker in the cemetery.

From Ieper, we drove to Oostende, a beach town in Belgium. I was so happy to see the water and feel the ocean spray, but it was so windy and rainy too!

Windy and cold at the seaside.

Artistic tree at the beach.

Sitting on an art sculpture.

We wandered around anyway, sampling chocolates, Belgian beer, waffles, and some kibbling (fried fish) that was snatched right out of my hand by an aggressive seagull! I shrieked and let him have it!! Wow – that was freaky!!

And finally we drove home… Only 3 hours more in the car!! So glad we went and so glad to be “house,” as Juliana would say.

Rainbows in the sky near Breda.

Life is good.

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