Day 334: 2 Weeks To Go!

We leave Holland in 2 weeks! I have extreme anxiety today. It’s feeling so real. I know in my mind that by the end of the month, the transition will be done and I can breathe more easily again. I know that it will take some time to repatriate and feel at home again and that a lot will have changed while we’ve been away and a lot will still be the same. I have anxiety about the move and transitioning back to where I came from, although I feel different and the same. Does that make any sense?

I wish I had a tribe of expats who have already been there, done that, who could tell me what to expect. I’m reading a book called The Art of Coming Home that tells me a bit about what to expect, but I’m sure it’s just like having a baby… you can read about it and hear stories, but until you go through it, you won’t know what the experience is really like, and it’s different for everyone. I’m sure it’ll all be good (well, mostly all good) but I do have anxiety in anticipation of what’s to come and what it will be like and all that.

But for now, I’m just busy doing the work and enjoying the moment, despite the anxious feeling. This too, shall pass, and in five years, it won’t matter any more. 😉

Here are some of the tasks I did today to prepare for our move:

1. Went to the Honda dealer to pick up the death certificate for our minivan. So sad… but at least we have a receipt and can stop paying taxes and insurance on the car.

2. Did several loads of laundry (and still going) and not done! Did I tell you the laundry machines in the Netherlands are teeny tiny, inefficient and do 1/4 the load size in 3 times the time it takes to do a load in the States? Yes, this is a problem for me!

3. Met with a house cleaner to do a walk through and to get an estimate for the final cleaning.

4. Went to the mobile phone store to figure out how to cancel my contract.

5. Went grocery shopping – we still have to eat!! 😉

6. Bought birthday presents for my birthday boys.

7. Decided on a birthday plan for our littlest one. Just gotta book the venue and send out invitations.

8. Mailed a package to the US. Do you know it costs like $40 to mail some cookies and candy in a shoe box? So expensive, don’t you think?

9. Set up phone and internet service appointment back in the States, so I can stay wired once I returned.

10. Talked to my family in California for over an hour – it’s important to stay in touch.

11. Picked up Charlie from a play date in Amsterdam… trying to get those last goodbyes in before we go! We’re not done playing and exploring yet!!

12. Made baked pasta dishes and sprayed tomato puree all over my curtains when the can exploded in my hands and sprayed 5 feet away! Gotta love messy surprises and cleaning and scrubbing tomato sauce off white curtains. One more thing to fix before we leave!

13. Began packing for our girls’ trip tomorrow!! Juliana and I are off on a girls’ adventure, just the two of us! So excited… stay tuned tomorrow to find out where in the world we went. 😉

The list goes on and on.. but just wanted to share some of the more mundane details of the weeks leading up to lift off. LIfe is good! Hope you’re enjoying the first few days of summer… still raining here and California too, I hear… xoxo


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