Day 332: Exploring Bruges

It’s pouring rain again and it’s making everyone cranky. It makes traveling less exciting and we are not as motivated to be walking and exploring, yet we’re doing it anyway, frizzy hair and all.

Bruges is a beautiful city, with quaint architecture, curved and narrow streets, tasty food and great beer. We found the chocolate store everyone talks about and sampled a few flavors, loving the bacon and chocolate mix!!

Here are a few pictures from the town and the castle.

In the castle, they have a small chapel and bar!! How crazy is that? It’s an honor system bar where you pick your drinks and write down what you had. No lying in a church!!


Rainy canal ride.

Delicious Belgian chocolate from the Chocolate Line.

What a great job!

Famous photo op in Bruges of the canal and The Belltower.

The markt with beautiful gabled houses.

Relaxing at the castle, looking across the moat at the cows in the field. So quiet and bucolic. Awe….

In the castle lobby.

All is well. Hope you enjoy the weekend! Happy anniversary today, mama and papa!! Can’t wait to see you again. xoxo

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