Day 8: Summer

I wasn’t planning to count the days of summer when I started with day 1, but I’m kinda liking it and keeping track of the days passing by.

This is my first summer as a working mom and it has been a bit of an adjustment this first week, as I worked from home and volunteered, had a birthday to celebrate and was helping my kids prepare for their volunteer service trip, along with some other personal stuff.  I was thankful for the weekend to arrive today and to sleep in, however I was still awake at 5:15 am. That seems to be my new normal, along with the birds.

Today I enjoyed celebrating a friend’s surprise birthday party and relaxing with girlfriends in the sunshine. I also was thankful for my birthday flowers that are all over my house and fill the space with a wonderful fragrance and beauty.

I love that I have such great friends and family with whom to share this beautiful life. 

Please send good thoughts and prayers for the kids and youth leaders who leave tomorrow to build houses in Mexico for those less fortunate and keep them safe.

Life is good!


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