Something Other Than A Selfie

If you were to take a picture of something that made you happy today, what would your picture look like?  Some people keep gratitude journals. Some people write words to express their gratitude in a myriad of ways. And some people take pictures.

I know Selfies are fun, but what if we snapped something other than ourselves? Nothing against Selfies and loving ourselves which is beautiful, but they say happiness is multiplied and true feelings of joy are experienced at a higher rate when we are able to notice and be thankful for what is.

I love Facebook and Instagram for this reason because people share stories and photos of what they love (most of the time).

I was at the car wash when this idea popped in my head, so I’ll share this picture because it made me happy. I loved that my car was finally being cleaned. I loved seeing the American flag. I loved the friendly workers. I loved that it was finally windy and cool and noticing that fall is coming finally. 


If I were to have snapped other pictures today that brought simple joys to my life, I would have taken a picture of Susanne at yoga when our personal spaces crossed and I tickled her and she laughed, but I don’t think a digital picture could ever replace the mental picture of being there.
I would have captured Charlie juggling his soccer ball and trying to increase the number of times he could juggle.

When Christian was driving, I would have a snuck a picture too.

And MLs apples that were cut up and sweet and soft and slightly browned, that she shared with me.

Oh, and I’d share my sister’s success on becoming a nurse and getting her first job and I’d screenshot her Facebook update with 217 Likes and 58 genuine, heartfelt love comments.

Today was the best day ever! And so will tomorrow. These were a few of my favorite things.

What pictures did you snap today, digitally or mentally? Go ahead – share and create and be creative!

Life is good. xo

2 thoughts on “Something Other Than A Selfie

  1. I had already told my family about you reaching out and tickling me in yoga. It was so funny to see it recaptured in your day. I don’t seem to be able to attach a picture here, but I can describe it. I took my in-laws to the DeYoung museum today because they do not drive to the city anymore. There is this beautiful grassy, moss, fern garden area in between two of the exhibit areas. It was so cool, inviting, tropical and somewhat unexpected in the middle of San Francisco. It is now my smartphone lock screen picture and it made me happy to see a shot of tropical green in the cement forest of San Francisco. Loved your post today!

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