End of Summer

Hello friends! How are you?

I have been enjoying taking a writing break as we ended our summer staycation and are transitioning back into our new school year routines.  Change is good.

It has felt both good and strange not to write every day and I have missed this part of my nightly routine, while at the same time have enjoyed the break. The yin and yang of life continues.

What’s shakin’in your world? I hope all the transitions are bringing you some sort of joy.


One thought on “End of Summer

  1. Hope the cats are enjoying the new pads. We are at beautiful Lake Tahoe S. Shore Zephyr Cove. I love coming here at this time to see the beautiful blue sky & pine trees. We had a woodpecker pecking on the side of our building yesterday-how funny-I made enough noise to have it fly to a tree!! I also had our front door open & a chipmunk came in for a quick visit. The sky is so blue today-it makes me very happy-wish you were here. Lovingly Pat & Chuck

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