Playing in the Park

We celebrated Halloween all month, culminating in a big party last night and lots of candy and clutter. We’ve had decorations all over our house and in our yard the entire month too. This morning we deconstructed Halloween and stored everything back in the attic. I love that everything is back in balance again, at least until the next holiday.

After cleaning up all day, we had a couple things to do this afternoon and we found ourselves with an hour to spare while waiting for Juliana and decided to stop at the park, which was a great idea!!!

When was the last time you strolled through a park? I forget how great they are, now that the kids are older. I loved seeing all the families and dogs, kids and squirrels, and just breathing in the fresh air and getting some simple exercise.

Charlie loves to go geocaching and knew there were two caches to find in this park. We followed along to discover the treasures with him. It was really fun searching and uncovering the secret loot and watching Charlie sign the logs, showing that he was there. 

As we walked through the park, we saw a family having portraits taken as the sun was setting. The lighting was gorgeous and it was the best time of days for photos. I teased Jeff and asked him to come pretend with me that we were taking holiday photos. The more selfies we took, the more I laughed and cracked myself up. I actually liked a couple of them and wished I had all 3 kids with us to snap a family selfie. Next time!!

As we were getting ready to leave, I loved listening to and watching these little ones riding their scooters up and down this little hill. I was scared for them, speeding down so quickly without helmets on and so close to each other, but they were so happy! I just watched and prayed that they would be safe, marveling in their lack of fear and pure, repetitive joy.

Today was a perfect day to go outside and play. How did you rest and play on your Sunday?

Hope you have a good week. xo

One thought on “Playing in the Park

  1. I love your park & really miss it as the trees are so beautiful & it is being used. The park we are close to doesn’t have many trees & I miss that. Today Chuck walked with me as it was quite windy then we put a tarp around some of our outdoor furniture to protect it from the coming rain-a beautiful day.


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