Routines Begin Again

Today was the last day of our staycation as there was a teacher inservice day today. I think we are ready to get back into a routine again, even though the morning will come too soon. We took it easy these past few days and I know I am ready for our work to begin.

I love the yin and yang of vacation and work. They balance me out. I like the break and change and then I long for structure and predictability again, knowing what to expect. And before I know it, I’m ready to be sleeping in again and staying up late with the kids.

I love my kids being home with me and I love that they have a safe place to thrive and grow and then come back again.

The highlight of my simple day was reading in the middle of the day with my kids on my bed with the heater turned on and the sun shining in. I don’t normally do this as there are so many other things we choose to do instead. I loved that we weren’t busy and made the time to sit and snuggle together.

I hope everyone enjoyed the break and feel ready to go and work again, learning and being of service.

Happy New Year! May all your resolutions, dreams and hopes come true. Work hard. Play hard. Love it up!! Life is good.


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