Day 267: Simple Days…

Yesterday I talked about the weather because I was tired and couldn’t come up with anything exciting to share. I’m sorry for that! I got my haircut, which was exciting for me, but not really blog worthy. I decided to wander around town and got myself lost and confused and back again. How is that possible? I am horrible with a map and knowing which direction I’m facing, even when I look at the map, however I did find my way (eventually), but walking with uncomfortable shoes that were giving me blisters made the journey a little more challenging. 😉 That was a very long sentence!!

Maybe my chaos was more exciting than the weather report… or maybe not. Oh well, it’s a new day, and the weather kept me mostly inside.

And this morning started off so chaotically! Our littlest one was giving us quite the challenge. He doesn’t do mornings very well and was quite argumentative. Trying to get him into the car on time, is such a chore! We were all so frustrated and I know there needs to be an easier way! While he was at school today, I made him a little checklist with approximate times it should take him to do each task. Tomorrow I’m going to give him his list and a timer and see if he can manage his time better without as many yells and screams from mom, and he can manage his own expectations! The good news is, that he started to prepare for tomorrow today, which never happens! Wish us luck!

I worked out with Jeff and then did some kettle bells. Hopefully I’ll be sore tomorrow.

Today I bought lots of orange paraphernalia to get ready for the last Queen’s Day next week. If you’re looking for good deals on scarves, shirts, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. check out your local Kruidvat store. For those not familiar with Kruidvat, it’s like a small drugstore like Walgreens, that carries drugs, body lotions and potions, and seasonal items.

I bought a present for my tennis coach’s new baby girl. It was fun to pick out a Dutch card and Dutch/English books for his little girl. Playing indoors tennis is still strange to me, but with the heavy winds today, I was happy to be inside.

After I picked up the kids, I had a meeting at school to plan the Grade 8 graduation celebration. My baby is moving on to high school this year and will be getting his driving permit by Christmas next year. That is so strange to me!

Christian was home sick today – he has a bad cough. I thought it was just allergies, but he sounds horrible! I think he might stay home again tomorrow.

He asked me to make him Chicken Pho soup for dinner tonight. When Jeff came home, we all sat around the table together and enjoyed food and conversation. Of course the kids kept getting up and interrupting each other and were excited to share all the highlights from their day. I’m thankful for this chaotic time and appreciate that they are so passionate and excited about their worlds. We say a prayer at dinner time and then take turns sharing and discussing what happened today. Some days conversations go better than others, but I love them no matter what.

I picked up dry cleaning and some school supplies for Juliana. I cleaned out a desk drawer and did a ton of laundry too. Oh, and also helped do some homework and manage discipline with my little trouble maker! One fun thing I did was I tried making lentils in the crockpot. It worked! Juliana and I both loved them.

I chose to share all these details for a reason. The reason is to show that my life is probably not that much different from yours. I deal with kids and shopping and buying presents for friends and celebrating together. I deal with discipline issues, party plans, sick kids and family dinners and homework and all that good stuff! A day in the life… I wouldn’t trade.

We’re all busy in our own ways. And hopefully how you choose to spend your hours is exciting for you and something you enjoy. My days as a housewife and expat, are pretty simple. I just choose to keep searching for fun things to see and do despite the regular work and chores. I hope you do the same. Would love to hear about what a day in your life feels like.


4 thoughts on “Day 267: Simple Days…

  1. Thanks for sharing the real, sister. I’d give anything to be at your dinner table, listening to some more real!! I love this blog today. I love reading that your life’s just like mine, kinda… You get it 🙂 I love your life and I can’t wait to squeeze the life outta you and those babies this summer!!!!!! I’m so excited!!

  2. I also love reading your blog Adriana–it’s one of the highlights of my day. Today I talked about you with a friend as we had a nice walk at Shoreline park (it was a beautiful, warm day here today) and we were talking about the SUP boards and I told her all about your worldly SUPing experiences. I often tell people about you. I guess that’s because I’m so proud of all that you do and take on. You are a true inspiration to so many. I love that you share all of the ups and downs of your days and I feel as though I have travelled with you on this journey. How funny—as I’m typing this a window popped up on my phone saying it’s my turn on my Scramble game with you! 🙂
    Anyway, my day was won of those days you don’t get too often (or at least I don’t) where I got to focus on me and what I wanted to do. Instead of working on school job stuff and housework and errands and sick kids (yes, I had one home this week too), I took a lovely morning walk with my friend from school followed by a leisurely coffee at the lake. Then I went straight to Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park to meet my friend Marie for another long, leisurely lunch outside. We had so much fun reconnecting as we haven’t seen each other in several months. And, we had the cutest waiter who appeared smitten with us and brought us a sweet frozen coffee treat as a little gift of his admiration I guess. We had fun with that! Oh, and we even drank bellini’s with lunch—how decadent! 🙂
    Then I picked up Daniel from school and gave Steven a big hug as I sent him home with another family for his first ever sleep-over. While Daniel and Soosh went to baseball practice in the evening, I enjoyed strolling through Costco and shopping. And tonight after dinner, while Dan and Soosh played video games, I stayed up late (it’s really late for me now) to play with my phone, something I don’t get much time usually to do. By the way, Steven almost didn’t make it the whole night. We got a call from him saying he couldn’t sleep without me and needed to come home, but something changed his mind during the call and he decided he could make it. A later email from the father confirmed that in fact he can sleep without me! 😉
    Anyway, that was a day in my life. One of the nicer ones, since most tend to be more like your other day where you just did a bunch of work for the home and family. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to let you know that I had such a nice visit with your mom at my mom’s last week. We enjoyed a huge cheese platter and lots of wine out on the patio and the conversations flowed for hours. I just love your family so much. Can’t wait to see you again (soon!) 🙂

    • Jess – you made me cry. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. I can see you going from place to place and enjoying your friends…I love you and how you live your life and I admire you. Can’t wait to see you again and share a cheese platter and wine out on our patio! Thanks for sharing the journey with me. Can’t wait to see you again. xoxo

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