Day 179: Walking on the Frozen Canal!

It’s so cold outside! I put on extra layers and dressed warmly to go play with the kids. I think I lasted only 10 minutes before seeking warmth and a hot cup of tea. It sure was exciting to walk on the canal though, as it’s something we have never done before. I heard a couple small cracking sounds that scared me a bit, but I think that’s normal. They weren’t deep cracking sounds, just light little ones, which might have been the snow pack on top of the ice, but who knows! It’s supposed to snow the next few days, so it’ll probably be much safer to walk and skate then. I’d like for us to try skating on the canal, so we will have to go buy or borrow some skates!! Maybe we’ll have another snow day tomorrow! Happy Sunday!

Here are some pictures of our newest adventure.







6 thoughts on “Day 179: Walking on the Frozen Canal!

  1. Fun isn’t it? 🙂 Be careful though – the snow actually insulates the ice and makes it less safe. Here in the NL, in large ponds where they’re trying to have skating, they’ll hover over the pond/lake with helicopters to blow the snow off and make it freeze harder. Crazy, huh?

  2. Oh my gosh–that is crazy! I’ve always been scared of skating/walking on frozen water. Freaks me out. What a difference a day you had yesterday compared to mine—freezing temps walking on ice vs. 80 degree sunshine day on the beach. Sending you some warm vibes to get through your freezing winter. Love ya!–Jess

    • Thanks Jess! I love that you got time to spend with your sister down at the beach, and I loved your pics on FB! it is hard to believe you’re in the sun and I’m in the snow, yet Ifeel like you’re right around the corner! I also share your fear of the frozen water and am not very trusting! I didn’t stay on it for long and wouldn’t let the kids on without an adult out supervising! There were definitely spots of thin ice! 🙂

  3. Reminds me of my days in Wisconsin. We’d skate on the frozen ponds and play broomball. Broomball might be an American thing – maybe you should introduce it. Super fun (all you need are shoes, brooms, and a ball).

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