Day 73: windmill on a sunny day

windmill on a sunny day

Gorgeous day along the Amstel River

white walled shoes and tires


I wrote a post for today and lost it while trying to post the above picture! UGH!! That part I don’t like.

So now I’ll share an abbreviated version – because it’s late and the pictures say it all. Thanks to the Holzers for inviting us to go on a ride with them. So much better than furniture shopping! They knew the way along the Amstel River and into Amsterdam, and we had a blast. Luckily for their weather app that predicted good weather from 1 – 7 pm too, because this morning, was rainy, breezy and cold! Who knew the sun would come out and stay out, especially since it was raining on us as we began?

I love days like today – where you don’t really have plans but have tentative plans, and then things just fall into place. We were supposed to meet some friends of Juliana’s, but Jeff wasn’t feeling well, so I had cancelled. Then Patti had mentioned the idea of going for a bike ride, and I was thrilled when Jeff felt up to it. We probably rode for 3 – 4 hours with a couple breaks in between.  The sun was shining and it was absolutely gorgeous and crisp out. So glad we didn’t stay indoors!!

We made thai curry and homemade pizzas for the kids as an impromptu dinner. I love when a short visit leads to hours of shared time together. Good times!  xo

gardening lady along our ride today.

2 thoughts on “Day 73: windmill on a sunny day

  1. So glad you received Halloween items to make you feel “at home”. Decorations are up here and it’s time to think of a costume for next week’s party. Today we attended the avocado festival in Carpinteria. It’s one of our favorites because it has such a small town flavor. Next we stopped in Ventura where there was a lot going on. The Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride ended at the San Buenaventura Beach Park and there was also a wine and food tasting by the pier. We enjoyed a fish taco, watched all the people, then headed home to watch a beautiful sunset. Light rain is heading our way this week and it’s truly starting to feel like fall. Happy “Orange” Month! Hugs to you, Mary

  2. I am so glad that you had a wonderful day exploring a different avenue, and biking for hours looking at the beautiful landscape. I love the pictures you have taken of the windmills. Just remember you would not be doing this in Sunnyvale. So many wonderful memories to bring back with you when you do come home. Thank you for making us part of your Holland adventure. It is so great for you to take us along through your blogs. Love, your mama

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