A Mirror


It is what it is.

Here I am. There you are.

Today’s poem means to me that things aren’t always as they appear. We should see things as they are and not think that they have anything to do with us. We just happen to perceive it as something and make it what we want it to be in our mind, based on our own perceptions. Other people have different perceptions and definitions too. It’s a miracle we are able to communicate and connect, isn’t it?

This makes me think of the media again and how they try to make big deals out of nothing, such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. I don’t understand why they are perceived as newsworthy in America. What do they symbolize and why do we care? The media creates these images and ideas that they try to tell us are important, when they are not. Just something to think about.

It is why it is also important to fill our minds with positive thoughts, ideas, and dreams because we get to choose to create and respond to our reality and we might as well think of it as good, or at least fake it ’til we make it. 🙂


I like to just be, without any real expectations or filters. I like to use up the entire day and I like to watch the changing colors of light from morning until night, and then do it again the next day. I like to learn from my experiences and from others and to have an open mind, and adapt, knowing that I don’t know everything.

I’m still learning! That’s what keeps life exciting.

Have a great week!


I bought a Zen calendar that sits on my desk with daily quotes.  I thought it might be fun to share them here on the days when life is just normal and when I don’t have as much to write about. Another thought is to think of the quote of the day and connect it with the daily happenings. I hope you enjoy them and reflect and connect them to your own experience.

Today is January 3, 2014.  It would have been my Grandma’s birthday today and it is my cousin’s baby’s birthday. Happy birthday, Rylie Bear.  We enjoyed being back home from our journey and getting resettled again.  I got to the gym this morning and Jeff went back to work. We did loads of laundry and received a furniture delivery today to redo our living room and to create a more organized space. I’m very excited about this. I also got to get outside and practice my tennis with some friends, which always makes me happy. It was a good game in the sunshine and the younger kids came with me and played with their friends, while I played with mine. Life is good.

“The practice of Zen is not limited to the meditation mat. The practice of zen is our entire life and is the very thread that binds our different lives together. Discovering this truth is called awakening, and it can take a circuitous route.”

– Janet Jiryu Abels (a Zen teacher)

Zen is a form of enlightenment. It is a meditative state.  One way to think of zen is as a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It’s a way of accepting reality just as it is and being present in the moment.

I enjoyed today – getting some exercise again, eating a bit more healthfully and getting resettled after all of our travels.  I hope you had a good day too and enjoy the weekend.  



Day 28: A Zen Moment Before Stella & Dot Trunk Show

Ahhhh…. my shoulders are tight and heavy. Work is almost done for the day, just after I finish writing, entering my Stella & Dot orders and picking up a bit.

I did have a quiet moment of tranquility before the BIG trunk show. Marcia and Rob have a beautiful, deep pond in front of their house. As I was rushing in to set up with all my bags of jewels and look books, I first noticed the sound of the waterfall, that was quite calming. And then after another trip back out to the car, I noticed all the koi fish circling around, dancing just for me! Well, actually they were hoping I was Rob, ready to feed them. They were playful and colorful and made me smile.

I stopped to enjoy their playfulness for a minute and was surprised to see a turtle pop his little head up. So cute, but he didn’t stay up long enough for me to take his picture.

Marcia and Rob’s Pond

I also loved the colorful orbs floating in the water and the little brown perch for the turtle to relax in the sun.

After my 2 minute nature break, I was ready to go again and had a fabulous time meeting new women and helping style them in gorgeous Stella & Dot jewelry. It was a GREAT show and I’m going to miss this part of my life when I move to the Netherlands. Several women asked if I would continue with Stella & Dot there, but since S&D is only in England now and soon will be in Germany and France, I guess I’ll have to wait. I think I’ll be busy getting us all settled and searching out a new role for me. I wonder what that’ll look like… hmm… thought for another day.

Good night.
p.s. We stopped for ice cream again today and thanked Colleen. xo