Sharing Space


Today I loved sharing space with my local Dutch friends and watching the Netherlands beat Costa Rica in the World Cup. There was lots of food and drink to share and we crowded around two TV sets to take in the game together. I loved the shared space and spirit of the game, listening to everyone get excited and cheer for our home boys! There was a lot of orange, red, white and blue and we all had a good time!

We shared dinner and fireworks with April and Steve tonight. I love that we can be so flexible on time, menu and whether or not we plan to hang out. It’s easy and fun and we all enjoy each other’s company. We played soccer and lit firecrackers and ate ice cream for dessert.


How did you share space today? What did you do? Hope it was a good day!

Life is good.


Don’t Give Up Until It’s Really Over

Did you watch the USA vs Portugal soccer game today? Oh my gosh. What a disappointment!!

We were watching and screaming and sharing high fives. We were listening to the commentators talking about what an upset the USA was serving up to Portugal within the last minutes of the game. We were counting down the minutes and were so disappointed that five minutes were added to the clock. When there was only a minute left, we were feeling very protective of our team and asking them to be conservative and slow down. But they couldn’t hear us through the screen.

Jeff said don’t count it over just yet. Portugal is a strong team and could pull this off. And then with less than thirty seconds, Ronaldo got his break away, with a great pass to Varela who used his powerful head to shoot and score and win!

Oh man, were we disappointed and quieted. What a huge upset, when we felt we had this one!!

I guess they wanted it more than we did, and took the offense and the win away from us. We have to never give up until it’s completely over! Hmmm.

* big sigh*

Hup Holland!!

I am missing Holland.  I believe today was the last day of school at the ISA, and with the last day at an international school, comes some big goodbyes.  Several people are moving back to their original home countries and some are getting ready to take on new expat adventures.  I’ve been thinking of you Cami, Carolyn, Patti Beth, and Amy and Jen who recently left. And I’m thinking of all the friends who stay and continue on a little bit longer, adapting to the changes of good friends leaving and dealing with the loss and change and adapting. There are always new beginnings.  Wishing all my friends smooth transitions and comforts.  

I’m so thankful that we lived in Holland and that I felt such a connection to my Dutch roots. I got to celebrate with my Dutch friend, Pauline and her Dutch friends, watching Holland beat Australia 3-2 in the World Cup today. I was so happy to be dressed in orange clothes, orange boas and glasses and hats, watching the kids prance around with the Dutch flag, and eating off orange plates. When Holland scored a goal, Karen played Dutch music really loudly and began dancing, while I smiled from ear to ear.  The house felt so gezellig and I was happy to be with the Dutch ladies and kids, drinking coffee and listening to Dutch being spoken again. I felt at home and so happy.

Jen sent me pictures of the Dutch flag flying from her new house in Minnesota and seeing all the Dutch celebrations from Holland on Facebook brought me joy.  I miss Holland and my family and friends, but am glad that I’ll always have a piece of Holland with me.